Our client Grant blew the surgeon away with his follow up MRI scan!

Grant came to us after trying a number of different types of treatment. He was at the point where he was recommended spinal surgery for a herniated disc in his lumbar spine.

He was off work for some time when he began his treatment with us. After just a few short months, with regular rehab treatments and a specific care plan, he went back to the surgeon for a follow-up MRI scan and reported to us that they could not believe his recovery!

The scan showed his spine had realigned! No more herniated disc! Grant had been following a regular stretching program for his lumbar spine in conjunction with his clinic visits and was able to get back to work, reporting he finally had feeling back down his leg to his foot, where it was previously numb and tingling.

It’s stories like this that move us! When people experience tingling and numbness, it can be alarming, but with corrective treatment, care and exercise, recovery and results can be permanent. Often people achieve temporary relief with drugs and other quick fixes, but if you don’t literally get to the root cause of the problem, the symptoms will only resurface!

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