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Advanced Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

219 Glenlyon Road Brunswick East

Over 23 Years Experience

Advanced Myotherapy and Remedial Massage is located in Brunswick East is at number 219 Glenlyon Road between Nicholson and Lygon Street.

We have 24 years experience offering Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

We are a 14 x Award Winning clinic, providing Injury Rehabilitation and treatment for Musculo-skeletal conditions including back pain, sciatica, migraines, neck pain and headaches. 

All bookings are paid when made and all visits are claimable on Private Health Funds.

We are Open from 8am – 8pm 7 Days and have an experienced team, ready and able to help treat your pain.


Jamil Malikyar

Josie Zaffina

Cameron Moon

Darren Potter

Nassim Iusto

Thomas McCarthy

Advanced Myotherapy & Remedial Massage are passionate about treating back pain! Most of our clients come to us with either back, neck or shoulder pain… often more than one at a time.

Often times, it is one muscle group pulling on the other that creates a snow ball effect. This is where Remedial Massage is incorporated into treatment in order to bring about release and balance. This is the work that restores the mobility and pain management you’ll find so many of our clients talking about!

Reading over the hundreds of reviews we have, you’ll see that there are a few key areas that clients keep coming back to us for, seeking Remedial Massage & Myotherapy.

In the order shown here exactly:

Our top 10 Review Mentions are:
  1. (Wellness) Clinic
  2. Neck (Pain)
  3. (Corrective) Exercises
  4. Dry Needling
  5. Walk (Mobility)
  6. Space (Relaxation)
  7. Muscle
  8. Understanding (Education)
  9. Chronic
  10. Pain Management

In the brackets we added language to help ad context to our clients words.

We feel that this ‘data’ shows exactly what it is people seek us for and appreciate about us most.

These are the things that WE feel are important, especially for a Remedial Massage & Myotherapy clinic! Environment clearly matters, and it’s something we believe strongly.

So if you are seeking better mind-body-spirit or neuro – musculoskeletal health and stress management, come and find out why others are talking about Advanced Myotherapy for yourself!