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Authored Books

Leah Jade & Matthew Cleary have co-authored and published a number of books including Self Care Medicine and The Sacred Psychology of Healing in 2013, along with Moving Beyond Pain and Heal Yourself in 2017. You can purchase a hard copy of each of these books here on our Books page.

At 18, Leah had 2 car accidents suffering neck and thoracic trauma. She had tried Yoga and Chiropractic for both her pain and scoliosis... and Acupuncture for a number of years before beginning her true healing journey. Myotherapy worked like magic and the rest is history (or her story;)⠀

Self care and healing became such a passion that Leah joined forces with Matthew and built their dream with Advanced Myotherapy of making healing more accessible for those in pain! ⠀

So... as you see... Advanced Myotherapy has been built over many years of love and inspiration... but a lifetime of healing and empowerment to overcome adversity through self care and education! ⠀