Myotherapy is the treatment and recovery of conditions such as:

  • Bulging discs
  • Nerve impingements
  • Disc herniation
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck pain, migraines & headaches
  • Lower back and joint Pain
  • Chronic and acute pain

By restoring the range of motion to surrounding restricted tissues, causing imbalance, we are able to correct the problem at its roots for long term recovery.

As a natural method of restoring structural integrity in the body Myotherapy often helps prevent recommended surgery by effectively rehabilitating acute to chronic injuries and painful debilitating conditions.

Promoting cellular regeneration, not only is Myotherapy a holistic approach to pain prevention, but is also an effective form of maintaining and promoting structural balance by addressing postural related pain, from activities of daily living.

Myotherapy assists the restoration of spinal health and joint mobility. In this way, Myotherapy can promote general wellbeing for stress and pain free range of motion and mobility.

Myotherapy promotes trauma recovery from both injury and surgery.

Supporting both spinal and postural health with the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders Myotherapy is an effective form of natural medicine for sports  performance  and injury recovery.

When the pathways of the body (eg: spinal cord) are unobstructed by postural pressure, energy flows freely. From digestion and oxygen to blood and lymphatic fluid, all systems can function fluidly.

Alignment of the spine, supported by balance in the muscular system is essential for holistic well being. Importantly it is also a brilliant way to empower the immune system!

  • We are a leading and multi award winning Myotherapy clinic
  • A team of qualified, registered and experienced therapists
  • We successfully treat many debilitating conditions
  • Many of our clients have prevented surgery with us
  • Many of our clients are elite professional athletes
  • We have a reputation for getting lasting results

Common Conditions we treat

Postural correction & Injury recovery

Why seek Myotherapy?

  • Drug free pain solutions
  • Injury recovery & rehab
  • Restore range of motion & joint mobility
  • Postural alignment
  • Maintain structural integrity