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 Why choose Advanced Myotherapy

  • We are a leading multi award winning Myotherapy clinic
  • We are the trusted Myotherapists of numerous sporting teams, elite professional athletes and repeat premiership players.
  • We successfully treat many debilitating conditions and injuries
  • Many of our clients have prevented surgery with us
  • We are an independent Myotherapy clinic, established in 2008

What sets us apart from other clinics?

  • We incorporate the use of pure essential oils and heat therapy into our treatments to attain the highest possible results from the time spent in clinic.
  • We provide a thorough assessment of daily habits (such as work and sleep positions) contributing to postural and lifestyle related pain, so as to offer solutions to correct and reverse such conditions and symptoms.
  • We spend time dedicated to ensuring our clients are empowered to take action towards their own pain recovery with home self care advice, demonstrating stretches and strengthening exercises specific to the individual.
  • We offer personalised self care training as part of our consultation, ensuring our clients understand the power of movements done correctly.
  • We are committed to achieving the highest potential for thorough results, spending sufficient time on specific ailments of restriction and imbalance through the musculoskeletal system.





We incorporate a holistic approach to our work, using a variety of natural therapies and aromatherapy in treatment. We are also passionate about Self Care Medicine as a way of  achieving the ultimate potential for wellbeing, promoted by Myotherapy.                                                            Our ambient spa like clinic environment contributes to a calming atmosphere that promotes stress release to assist in physical recovery and maintenance. We also incorporate remedial therapy for specific injuries and complaints to free muscles from pain and restriction. Read some of our testimonials here.

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