As a Health fund approved clinic, you can claim with us to benefit from Private Health Insurance that doesn’t roll over to next year. Don’t let your health benefits go to waste.
Providing Self Care Education and Myofascial (muscle fibre) release for a Pain free life, our passion is empowering people to move beyond pain naturally. Click here to read what people are saying about Advanced Myotherapy.
In treatment we target the muscles that are causing / contributing to pain and though little known, most lower back and hip pain is due to tight Psoas muscles, deep in our pelvis. Our purpose is to educate you in how to identify and reduce such pain conditions.
From Sciatica to herniated discs and degenerative joint disease, tight hips can cause many issues including knee pain/degeneration. To become pain free, we must regain lost mobility in our hip muscles and joints.
The number 1 rule is to never strengthen when you have pain or loss of mobility, or you will cause more pain, degeneration and increased loss of mobility.
Many exercises and stretches can be harmful if there is any spinal damage and it’s important to know what not to do in order to prevent further degeneration. At Advanced Myotherapy, we promote correct self care to increase the results of Myofascial release and other modalities of treatment in clinic.
Among the many benefits of Myofascial release for back pain are:
Regain lost mobility in muscles and joints
Takes stress off joints and spinal discs to prevent unnecessary degeneration
Decrease and eliminate muscle pain
Improved posture and balance
Takes painful toxins (lactic acid) out of muscles
Prevents injuries