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With the right knowledge and self-care, Sciatica can be significantly reduced and reversed. Myotherapy sees many clients recover from this debilitating condition. Sciatica can be experienced as sharp and shooting pain through the glut and down the leg, which can be alarming.

Sciatica stems from an impingement of the sciatic nerve being compressed by the discs of the lumbar spine.

These discs compress the nerve to create pain, due to surrounding restriction. That is how simple this condition is. Unfortunately, many people not knowing this, will turn to medication.

The problem with medication is… they do not treat the cause of pain as Myotherapy does. There are a number of factors that contribute to the onset of sciatica, which we addressed at Advanced Myotherapy.

Here are 6 simple stretches & steps to reverse Sciatica

1. The first step in reversing Sciatica is to release tension from the surrounding area, being the gluts and lower back. Regular (daily) corrective stretching, focusing on the legs (particularly hamstrings) and gluts, is an incredibly effective tool in reducing sciatic nerve pain.

2. Secondly, simply using a ball to lay on underneath the affected glut and hip, can help with “trigger point therapy”. Holding position where the pain is for several minutes or until fully released, can bring instant release.

The key to getting results with such self treatment at home is in holding both the stretches and the pressure of the (tennis sized) ball under the body for long enough to allow for full release. The trick can be not to release the stretch or remove the ball before this relief comes, so as to avoid “activating” the pain further.

To avoid this, simply be gentle with yourself enough to be able to hold the position long enough for it to be effective in allowing the tight muscles causing the pain to fully “let go”.

3. Another incredibly effective self care method of treating sciatica is by applying heat (a wheat bag) to the area. Heat relaxes the tight muscles enough to let them soften to release the affected area, and take the pressure off the discs compressing the sciatic nerve.

4. Along with these few very effective practical steps you can take at home, we use Myotherapy and Remedial Massage to manipulate the surrounding area to allow softening and restoration of a better range of motion for less pain and restriction.

This is the key to recovery when it comes to many neuro-musculoskeletal conditions in the body that Myotherapy specialises in treating.

5. It is essential that you reduce the length of time you spend sitting, such as driving or sitting at a desk for work. It can be as simple as breaking the day up with stretching sessions or walks.

Regular treatments also help lengthen the restricted fascia around the sciatic nerve. Ultimately self care is the number one tool in preventing sciatica pain.

6. Keeping active and fit and maintaining a healthy weight  is the best way to prevent and correct Sciatica. Incorporating these 6 simple stretches (shown above) will ensure you not only recover from this debilitating condition fast but prevent it.

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