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Myotherapy helps a runner with hip pain management.

“Suburban bliss! When I Walked in I immediately felt relaxed and calm away from the hustle and bustle of life. Therapists know their stuff and don’t talk too much and allow you to relax. I came away feeling groggy but happily satisfied. Body was Sore for a day or 2 but gained more range of movement.”

Lizzy Williams

I had an amazing remedial massage with Josie. Very experienced and intuitive. She treated my tight neck and shoulders and then whole body and released tension in muscles I hadn’t even realised needed it until I felt the tension melt away. 

The space is welcoming and relaxing. It was so easy to book, very transparent and service is professional.

Nicole Stavrinidis

Josie is amazing she finds every trigger point that has been causing my pain I walk out feeling so much relief every time.

Nyaburu Kelly

“One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Kana was lovely and super knowledgeable, she even gave me some tips and exercises to help with the areas I was getting the most pain.”

Bree Maree

“I have had both remedial massage and myotherapy work done from a number of the therapists here. I’m currently rehabbing a knee injury and Josie, Jamil and Kana have all helped with keeping a good balance of recovery to my rehab work.”

Nazir Hashem

“I had a great experience at Advanced Myotherapy today. Jamil made me feel very comfortable and listened to why i was needing a treatment. The studio is very welcoming and away from busy streets, which makes for a all round relaxing experience.”

Rose Chalks

“Nothing worked on my frozen shoulder for over a year ….. until you …. forever grateful”

Mandy Hunter

“For about a month I suffered a pinched nerve close to my spine that was causing me much discomfort. Since visiting Advance Myotherapy last week I’ve never felt better. I can move and breath with out feeling any pain, as well as getting a proper nights sleep.”

Linetta Romani

“After numerous unsuccessful back surgeries, the best way I maintain my standard on the footy field is with regular maintenance treatments at Advanced Myotherapy.”

Paul Scanlon

“The GP told me to get an arthroscope for my knee pain. After a series of treatments I am back boxing, doing leg weights in the gym and climbing up and down ladders with no pain!”

Chris Aliferis

“I broke a vertebrae in my back with a serious sports injury while playing soccer, which diminished my quality of life. I tried everything from Doctors to Chiropractors and Physiotherapy, and finally with your help I am living again.”

Tommy Nadjovski

Both the surgeon and the Physio told me I would never get feeling back down the outside of my foot.. After 2 sessions at Advanced Myotherapy of doing trigger point needling, stripping the ligaments and some deep tissue work I’m already getting sensation back!

Jessica Curl, Wellness Coach

“Learnt so much of what’s going on with you, compared to anyone in the past. Looking forward to the next treatment already. Best treatment I’ve had. Thanks to advanced mythorapy I’m feeling great and ready for the big boxing match next week. Thanks heaps. 

Kodar Assi

“After 4 weeks of a chest infection & sore ribs from constant coughing, the Dr advised there was no more they could do except for me to take the antibiotics. One hour with Matt and I am breathing deeply again and have stopped coughing. Do yourself a favour and experience the magic of this Myotherapy clinic!”

Rose Gigliotti

“The best Myotherapy clinic I’ve been to and I’ve been to many due to my chronic back pain. I have seen them with chronic pain issues and with my post-op recovery both after my back and knee surgery. I have been seeing physios and osteos for over 5 years and Matt is the first that actually makes a positive difference.”

Marta Mlinaric, Health Educator

“I’m 23 weeks pregnant and was suffering from awful pelvic girdle pain. I went to see David Toshack who changed my whole pregnancy experience, and made me enjoy it instead of seeing it in a constant light of pain and anxiety. I see him weekly and could not recommend this place more! It’s so nice experiencing this journey with kind staff who genuinely care about your experience.”

Mattia Hunter

“I have been going to Advanced Myotherapy for a number of years now and cannot speak highly enough of the clinic and staff. Jamil is a MAGICIAN when it comes to massage, needling and management of any new/ongoing issues. I have had neck problems for 10+ years and he is the only specialist who can consistently make me feel 100x better in one treatment. This is my first time ever leaving a Google Review but Advanced Myotherapy and their team deserve all the recognition available!”

Sheri Woolston

“Not only is the service excellent, the surroundings show the level of respect they have for their clients. Very clean with beautiful appointments making you feel relaxed and comfortable allowing for maximum results from treatment.”

Monique Crawford

“It was like a miracle, so much relief and movement after. I have NEVER had such immediate relief from any modalities in the past.”

Jody Worcester

“Best Therapy in town any nagging injuries these are your guys.” 

Joey Hughs, International Ice Hockey Player

“I had a hip issue which had prevented me from running further than 5 km for a number of months. After my initial appointment… my hip immediately felt better and I was able to run with a significantly less amount of discomfort in my left hip and leg.”

Filip Wos

“I was having several migraines a month and had to take strong painkillers, leave work abruptly and shut myself in the dark for 24hrs. Matthew found an issue with my neck which was causing the problem. He also taught me to self manage and I now know how to recognise symptoms and care for my health much better!”

Elle Martin

“Great experience, nice dark relaxing room, I booked my appointment same day by email, with a return call, they fit me in. I was a knotty mess, in a huge amount of discomfort, I finished feeling much better and being able to move and breath properly.”

Alexandra Rusco

“I came to Advanced Myotherapy on recommendation, for the severe pain down my leg. I am now free from the debilitating pain I was constantly in.”

Lazarus, Wattle Health

“I’ve been struggling with sciatica pain the last week. She not only treated the problem but I left feeling a sense of calm that my body hadn’t felt in a while. The place itself is clean and relaxing.”

Melissa Nassar

“I drove 6 hours from Griffith just to come to Advanced Myotherapy, on recommendation and It was worth it.”

Scott Simpson, Athlete

“Told I needed surgery for Achilles Tendinitis, I wanted a second opinion. After treatment I became more aware of my own contribution to the condition and have since recovered fully without surgery.”

Theo Mitsinikos

“I initially presented with acute pain and very limited mobility in my neck related to cervical disc bulges. 3 sessions later, not only has a lot of my pain gone and I have regained mobility but I have received coaching in ways to improve my posture to help resolve future problems”.

Larelle Bradley

“My neck has never felt better, so much focus on my shoulders and neck was a pleasant surprise.”

Nicole Street

“This place is the best for hands on manual therapy! Matt and Jamil are better than any physiotherapist, massage therapist and acupuncturist I have tried. Don’t bother going anywhere else. Seriously!”

Delis Teng

“Playing in the cricket grand final I thought tore my groin…but after having Matt treat me, I couldn’t believe it. It was bazaar! I got up and straight away started running and was back in the game.”

Peter Filis

“I was diagnosed with CTA – carpel tunnel symdrome, tendonitis and fibromialga and was treated by a Psysio for 4 months once a week. You did more for me in one session than the physio did in that whole time and the tingling is almost gone already.”

Malina Larm

“Over all of the years I have been seeing the Physiotherapist, not once have I learned what you taught me today about caring for myself in the right way. What a difference I feel already. .”

Alda Verde

“I have not been getting the usual headaches which is a nice change.”

Wonona Lok

“I had chronic pain since an accident several years ago, both in my leg and chest. I was diagnosed with “chronic pain syndrome” suffering to the point of being hospitalised. I was prescribed drugs and receiving multiple forms of treatment, unable to exercise for 4 months with no success taking anti-inflams. I was ill to my stomach with medication and receiving ongoing physiotherapy until I found you. I tried Bowen therapy, Osteo, Chiro, Massage and everything, but since treatment at Advanced Myotherapy, there has been significant improvement.”

Danni West

 “I am going to use your technique on my patients. That was amazing. No Chiropractor has ever been able to balance my pelvis like that!”

Dr Caroline Pain, Chiropractor

“I have seen two different practitioners and it is obvious that their focus is on customer care and results. I felt very ‘tuned up’ after both sessions and I look forward to being a regular client.”

Keni Nekvapil