Pelvic Balance for Birth

Helping you prepare and support your body and pelvic floor for birth and postpartum, safely and naturally.

Qualified, Experienced Myotherapists

Our team of qualified and experienced Myotherapists treat pregnant mothers regularly with great success.

Birth Preparation Education

We have a wide range of resources available for pregnancy mothers seeking support for a healthy birth, baby and recovery.

Natural Birth Resources

We promote a safe natural birth and postpartum recovery. Our team are experienced in treating all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage

A healthy (mostly) pain free pregnancy = increased likelihood of a better birth. A better birth = a healthier baby. A heathy baby = A happy stronger new mum. A happy Mum = a happier, healthier baby.

It all starts now. With you! Preparation = Success! As the old saying goes…”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is where research and learning come in so handy. It’s where a Birth Preference / Wish Manifesto or Vision if you will, becomes what many people call and refer to as a “Birth Plan”.

Many people scoff at the idea of a birth plan…however, many more understand how helpful it can be, come the big day.

Most of all though, it’s Pregnancy (mostly) above all else that prepares a mother for birthing her baby in a healthy way to provide the best start to life possible.

This is where we come in! Supporting a mother during one of the most (physically) challenging growth and hormonal journeys is something we love. Why, because it’s where our work can make such a huge difference between pain and balance.

Regular Pregnancy Massage and Myotherapy is something we know makes a difference to mothers as they journey through rapid changes of body balance as the uterus grows and changes the pelvic demands just to begin with.

Myotherapy & Birth Recovery

  • Speed up Birth Recovery

    Encourage organs back and increase circulation

  • Carry your baby without pain

    Adjust to frequent lifting, bending and feeding

  • Eliminate excess fluid faster post birth

    Clear fluid stagnation after pregnancy

“I’m 23 weeks pregnant and was suffering from awful pelvic girdle pain. I went to see David Toshack who changed my whole pregnancy experience, and made me enjoy it instead of seeing it in a constant light of pain and anxiety. I see him weekly and could not recommend this place more! It’s so nice experiencing this journey with kind staff who genuinely care about your experience.”

Mattia HunterCarlton

9 Steps to a Better Birth & Postpartum was written by a Mother of 2 Naturally healthy home born babies. Leah Jade has completed extensive Natural Birth Education and offers Pregnancy support and education to mothers in her care.

This Self Care Guide offers many of the things that Leah found that “she didn’t know that she didn’t know”, until much research and experience… about enhancing pregnancy, birth and postpartum health outcomes.

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