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Offering Experience in Pregnancy Massage

There are so many reasons that Massage is sought after during pregnancy.

The reasons often change throughout the stages and trimesters as the body goes through such significant changes as well.

One such reason is the gravitational shift occurring in fetal development, that increases the likelihood of lower back pain.

This is due to the core imbalance on the pelvis, under increasing strain.

Morning sickness, dizziness and nausea can also reduce the ability to exercise and keep active, further aggravating lower back pain and other muscular pain symptoms.

Pregnancy Massage can help maintain balance and circulation, where blood stagnation otherwise occurs because of restricted mobility and fluid retention that naturally occurs in pregnancy.

Regular massage in pregnancy can mean the difference between a comfortable, relaxed pregnancy and one more defined frequent pain symptoms.

Having regular massage and bodywork is also sought to help enhance birth recovery, treat and prevent pregnancy related sciatica, foot pain (plantar fasciitis) and wrist pain (carpal tunnel).

Pregnancy and postpartum massage is often also used to restore pelvic balance and postural realignment, after birth, with significant changes yet again – going from fully pregnant to a sudden sense of “void” in the core.

Postpartum, Massage can significantly reduce the pain associated with birth recovery and newborn care (including breast feeding, bending over to change nappies and bathing baby).

In fact, one of my first photos taken of me as a Mother, shows my Cupping makes on my shoulders!

I had Massages every week at least once during pregnancy and postpartum, and I can safely say I noticed an incredible difference each time for all of the oncoming symptoms!

I suffered sciatic nerve pain, lower back aches, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain (plantar fasciitis) and every symptom was eased significantly with Massage!

I have to say, being a case study for the team in this regard was a pretty awesome “perk” of having Advanced Myotherapy!

It was a mutual benefit for the therapists as well, being that they each in turn gain significant Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage experience as a result!

And for their support, I was incredibly grateful… as it’s safe to say that new mothers need support in giving their baby the best possible start to life!

That can’t be overstated can it! Happy Mum = happy Bub! (hopefully;)

And at a time when you don’t get much sleep, what’s more important than looking after yourself and getting in at least a little “me time” here and there?

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