About the Authors

Collectively, Advanced Myotherapy’s Founder Matthew and his partner Leah have published 4 books between them, co-authoring Self Care Medicine and Moving Beyond Pain.

Their deep and sincere passion, drive and purpose lies in offering self care education for the wider community on a global scale, hence their focus on writing, content creation and blogging.

Their commitment to such areas is what they attribute their continued success to as practitioners of 20 years with their Carlton clinic opening on 2008.

Matthew and Leah are now homeschooling parents of two beautiful young children, balancing business with family with a healthy lifestyle.

While Matthew’s focus lies on mentoring his team, Leah’s focus lies on keeping in touch with the Advanced Myotherapy client community while homeschooling and being at home with their two children.

“I was diagnosed with CTA – carpel tunnel symcrome, tendonitis and fibromialga and was treated by a Psysio for 4 months once a week. You did more for me in one session than the physio did in that whole time and the tingling is almost gone already.”– Malina Larm

“Both the surgeon and the Physio told me I would never get feeling back down the outside of my foot.. After 2 sessions at Advanced Myotherapy of doing trigger point needling, stripping the ligaments and some deep tissue work I’m already getting sensation back! Not only that, my mobility has increased immensely and my ankle bone has reappeared from breaking down the scar tissue – it’s amazing what your body has the ability to do given the right tools! This is only the beginning, dreaming of the day I can squat again!” – Jess Curl – Wellness Coach“

“I broke a vertebrae in my back with a serious sports injury while playing soccer, which diminished my quality of life. I tried everything from Doctors to Chiropractors and Physiotherapy, and finally with your help I am living again. My back is back on track! I refer all of my friends to you and they always thank me.” –Tommy, Lakeside Packaging & Highroller Limo Helicopter Hire

Together with the team at Advanced Myotherapy, Leah has helped thousands of people overcome debilitating pain conditions naturally.

From recovering from chronic and acute injuries to preventing recommended surgeries, Leah is passionate about facilitating powerful transformations in people’s quality of life.

If you are someone who understands the value of your health, has tried many other forms of medicine without success for pain conditions, then the team at Advanced Myotherapy specialise in working with difficult to treat and sever pain conditions.

Self Care Medicine is a book born of over a decade of being in a practitioner. This book is another way in which I have been able to share my learnings to facilitate wonderful healing and transformation in people’s lives through the well learned (well earned) art of Self Care.

My personal passion for sharing this as a tool for others to facilitate their own healing, came from witnessing the opposite in the life of my own family growing up. Seeing the impact of poor self care taking both parents far too soon, my mother at 51 and father at age 46, woke me up to change the way people see their own roll in the condition of their lives and wellbeing.

Co-authoring this book with my partner Matthew, who suffered his own life threatening injuries on multiple occasions, pours incredible power into the essential message that we can in fact be the driving force behind our own recovery in life, no matter what the suffering or condition.

With Matthew being a leader of his industry being Myotherapy, having seen countless clients transform their own lives – this book is written to empower you to do the same. Where there has been suffering and pain, our purpose is to offer insights into how you can implement changes to rise above and reach far greater heights in the realm of life fulfilment.

Co-authored with Matthew Cleary from multi-award winning clinic Advanced Myotherapy, Self Care Medicine is a practical guide to living well for the purpose of maintaining longevity, preventing illness and overcoming pain conditions.

“I have had a long term health issue and taken countless medications for it, and after your insightful consultation and advice I can say I see things a whole lot differently. You have changed the way I look at things. Everything makes sense now. You have blown me away and I can’t wait to begin making these changes!”

IT Consultant

“Coming to you has changed my life and helped me recover fully from a debilitating prognosis which I was recommended major spinal surgery for. Not only are the Doctors now scratching their heads, but they are eating their words in disbelief. My latest MRI scan shows evidence of my recovery and I am no longer in the severe pain that took me off work. I am grateful to be working again and have great respect for your work.”

Grant Smith
Audio Technician

Harmful drug use continues to be a serious public health issue in Australia with 1,808 drug induced deaths registered in 2016.

Most of these deaths were due to prescription pain killers. Pain medications are highly addictive and the dependance on them can be lethal and debilitating!

Moving Beyond Pain naturally is vital now more than ever as stress and injury related illnesses and pain conditions are on the rise.

“Moving Beyond Pain” offers insight into the most effective healing pathways that we have discovered over our combined 40 plus years in the Natural Health field.

We have so far collectively helped literally thousands of people with their pain, to manage it naturally Natural therapies and Self Care Education. Find out how you can best invest your time and energy into self care to reach your ultimate health potential.

Moving Beyond Pain is a title that reflects exactly what our clinic Advanced Myotherapy stands for and is all about. Together with Hannah Beggs and Jess Curl, Leah Jade and Matthew Cleary have created this book to help people move beyond pain using self care.

We have so far collectively helped literally thousands of people with their pain, to manage it naturally.

In Moving Beyond Pain, we bring you the secrets of awakening your true potential for the best possible quality of life for you.

My first book The Sacred Psychology of Healing is an autobiography sharing the profound tools I have found to bring the greatest healing in my life. Coming from a family with underworld roots on one side, seeing the death of 2 siblings and both parents all in my youth, much of what I share is heartfelt experience of the transformation born of such journey.

Losing my brother to murder, my sister (his twin) to suicide 9 months later at just 15, overdosing on heroin, having already physically watched my mother overdose on heroin on the day of our brothers funeral, though surviving another 6 years (to the day) after my sisters death…much of what I share through this book is about learning through the gift of grief.

Though not always with my father who also suffered addiction, losing him 3 years after my mother was also an insightful experience that I share through this book. It is through this journey that I developed an incredible yearning to impact the lives of those who suffer needlessly through isolation.

It is my purpose through writing my story to empower people to awaken the knowing that they are not alone, that it is possible to love life after death.

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.”

– Dr John F Demartini, Best Selling Author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

The Sacred Psychology of Healing was Leah’s first book published in 2012. Evolving from her innate and insatiable desire to contribute to the lives of those suffering, to empower them to overcome the obstacles of pain and trauma, this book has had worldwide recognition for it’s prolific perspective on awakening the healer within.

Since writing The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Leah has had the honour of working with people from all walks of life in helping them overcome debilitating trauma, anxiety, addiction and depression.

Some kind words about The Sacred Psychology of Healing…

“Love your work Leah! You’re creative, insightful and generous with so much soul.” –Karelynne Randall, Author, Educator & Services Partnerships Manager – Youth Off The Streets

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.” – Hanane Habib, Author of “Misunderstood – A Scar for Life”

“Thank you Leah for your wonderful book…and for waking me up to my potential.” –Sabine Mohr, Canada

“You have inspired me to eat healthier Leah. I have begun to look more closely at what I am eating and have even quit coffee! I feel fantastic!” –Kathy McDevitt, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer, LA

“The Sacred Psychology of Healing is a recipe for surviving tragedy and trauma without having to resort to drugs and alcohol.”- Nancy Russell

“Leah is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met…It reminds me of the quote…..I once complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet….Leah, was born the daughter of a heroin addict. She was torn from her home and grew up in foster home after foster home.. At 26 years of age she has survived the deaths of her mother and father who both died due to the affects of drug abuse before she was twenty. Leah lost her sister to suicide, her brother to murder and a boyfriend in a car accident. That is just the beginning of the story. But through it all she remained one of the most amazing, kind people and beautiful souls that you could possibly imagine. And through it all she shares a message of joy, of love, of forgiveness and inner peace in the face of any external circumstances.” – Chris Howard – CEO, International Speaker & Best Selling Author

“Nature has given us so many treasures if we care to dig and explore. Leah Jade has done the explorations for us and wrapped it all up in this easy-to-read guide map. A vital read for any conscious person who is ready to take their health and life in their own hands and discover what true healing is all about!”

~Katrina Zaslavsky, Founder of Birth Goddess & Author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth

“Truly inspiring read, sharing your life experiences and knowledge to help and guide others. Totally understand your journey through this book, to help and simply make a difference in our lives” – Sandra Cleary

These changes have made a big impact on the way I feel and I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration” –Caroline Buchanan, Manifestation Mastery & Demartini Method Facilitator

“Heal Yourself is a great little common sense, down to earth, practical guide for young and older women!” –Judith Russell, Jazz Musician, Performer

Empower yourself with the knowledge to overcome pain naturally without having to recover twice (once from the symptoms and again from the drugs).

More people are dying from nutritional related diseases than homicide but nobody is taking about it.

Most pain is muscular and can be effectively reversed with simple self care without costly medicines that many develop long term costly addictions to.

Discover the tools to self heal many common symptoms and pain within the body to gain more energy to reach your true potential to achieve your goals.

We all face times when we need healing.

On one level or another, be it from traumatic experiences, the manifestation of illness and pain, or emotional suffering, we all go through times where help is needed to recover and break through.

In this book, Leah Jade reveals simple principles of achieving better health and wellness, naturally and drug free. If you feel a strong pull towards living your best life, free of toxic chemicals and drugs, then here is another way.

This book gives you the insights into what it takes to break free from drug dependence where possible.

These are the powerful principles of natural self healing that can be utilised as a way of restoring health, vitality and longevity.

This book is about reclaiming your power to live your best life, pain free and aware of how you can treat yourself rather than relying on medicine alone.

It is not a book about turning away from medicine, rather it is about knowing what you can do yourself, other than merely taking medicine to reclaim and maintain your health.