Moving Beyond Pain

Moving Beyond Pain is a title that reflects exactly what our clinic Advanced Myotherapy stands for and is all about. Together with Hannah Beggs and Jess Curl, Leah Jade and Matthew Cleary have created this book to help people move beyond pain.

We have so far collectively helped literally thousands of people with their pain, to manage it naturally with not only Myotherapy and Remedial Massage but Self Care Education. We feel this has been the key. The key to not only our success but in that of our client’s in overcoming debilitating pain conditions and injuries.

Since establishing Advanced Myotherapy in 2008, after entering the field in 2000, we have earned ourselves a reputation and are proud of it not because of notorieties sake but because we have been able to continue helping more and more people, with this as our platform, upon which great trust has been built. We honour that trust with great respect, as after all… being with somebody in their personal space is a big deal.

We know it takes a lot for some people to trust others with their body and we take it seriously that they in fact do. See, now that we are a multi award winning clinic, we have a foundation of recognition upon which people base their choices to bring us in on their journey towards recovery, health building and maintenance. People come to us often because of the reputation we have, for helping people acknowledge and respect their own role in their own health and pain conditions.

Be it an accidental injury or chronic pain condition, we all… have an undeniable role in our own recovery!

Heal Yourself

“Nature has given us so many treasures if we care to dig and explore. Leah Jade has done the explorations for us and wrapped it all up in this easy-to-read guide map. A vital read for any conscious person who is ready to take their health and life in their own hands and discover what true healing is all about!”

Katrina ZaslavskyFounder of Birth Goddess & Author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth

“I read your book in one day! It has changed my life! My mother passed away 2 months ago and I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I lost my spark. Your book inspired me! I even came home a day early from my trip so I could start organising everything, I was so excited about changing my life! Everything makes sense now. The way you explained everything really helped and everything you have done with your life is really amazing!”

Jessica EspinasNorthcote

“I was privileged to read your absolutely life changing book, Heal Yourself. I saw the book, which you gave to Andrew Erzen, and I thought, I will only have a look. Finding myself an hour and a half later, on page 53, I could not agree more with your words… Reading your words, gave me hope, that I can find my way back to balance, after a crazy year of studying and well.. having different priorities. Reading every page carefully, nodding to what is written and after putting the book back on the shelf, starting step by step following your advice. My intention was to let you know that your book makes people, who are struggling finding themselves, make the right decisions. You have an amazing gift of writing, and at the end of the day, you truly make a difference. Thank you for sharing your story. It will be an absolute privilege to recommend your books further on, even back in Slovenia.”

Maja Lotric

“Leah passes on an incredible collection of love and wisdom in her new book “Heal Yourself”.

The lessons I have taken from this book have deeply moved me, improved my own wellbeing and awareness of how to maintain a balanced life, the natural way. I am grateful for your open heart and for your dedication to helping others.”

Hannah Beggs Yoga Instructor

The Sacred Psychology of Healing

Written by Leah Jade, this contains 235 pages of inspirational insight into the power of the human spirit. The Sacred Psychology of Healing has been described as a deeply profound and prolific text that has the potential to facilitate life healing.

Devoted to the purpose of breaking through spiritual pain and it’s physical hold, this book offers a moving perspective of reality and the human journey of life. Considered by many around the world as an inspirational text that awakens the innate healing potential, this book has been described as a “recipe for overcoming trauma and tragedy”.

Evoking tears of it’s reader, this book stirs feelings of compassion, gratitude and enlightenment to the power of resiliance, purpose and pain. The Sacred Psychology of Healing is dedicated to awakening the true human potential beyond any boundaries both external and within.

What people are saying about The Sacred Psychology of Healing…

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” –Dr John Demartini, Best-selling author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“Your book has brought tears to my eyes! Mum has not been able to put in down. I was talking to her today and she said she’s finished your book and is reading it for the 2nd time!!! Dad’s only been able to have a brief look! She brought it on Easter Sunday and she was reading sections and quotes aloud to us…. It just struck me that she is the most ‘in-demand’ reader for the masses of the church, so I’d say that she could be classified as an expert in spiritual literature. She’s loving it!!!!!”
Jude Russell

“Her written words are beautiful and inspiring!! As you read them, it’s like your life story unravelling/explained!”
Sharon Hartshorn

The Sacred Psychology of Healing is a recipe for surviving tragedy and trauma without having to resort to drugs and alcohol.”
Nancy Russell

Self Care Medicine

Self Care Medicine

A Guide to Living Well

This is Matthews first published book and speaks of our philosophy at Advanced Myotherapy being centred around self responsibility and lifestyle as being the key to change. In this book we share a compilation of our articles over the years, in order to offer insight into the post effective solutions to many common symptoms we see as largely preventable and reversable with a little bit of knowledge and wisdom that goes a long way!

  • Unleash your own innate healing powers
  • Discover a new definition of Medicine
  • Defy the odds of orthodox medical prognosis and diagnosis
  • Discover the art of self care

Looking at the vital principles of life, health and longevity, this book will help inspire you to accomplish your true energetic potential for living well.

Having built a successful clinical practice together over 8 years, bringing our life long shared love of Health and Healing to those who seek a better quality and way of life. Our success has humbled us to share the principles in this body of work of both longevity and possibility.

Combining our perspectives to offer deep insight into what it is we feel has helped not only countless clients transform their own health and lives, but allowed us to grow from our own personal set backs and sufferings, this book has been written to offer inspiration for those who know there is a better quality of life possible.

We look at the most simple and yet powerful and practical ways you can transform your life beginning right now. It is our purpose with this book to make a big impact on the modern epidemic of preventable pain and suffering resulting from a lack of awareness and basic knowledge of the principles of both life, health and healing.