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Moving Beyond Pain

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“I have had a long term health issue and taken countless medications for it, and after your insightful consultation and advice I can say I see things a whole lot differently. You have changed the way I look at things. Everything makes sense now. You have blown me away and I can’t wait to begin making these changes!”

IT Consultant

“Coming to you has changed my life and helped me recover fully from a debilitating prognosis which I was recommended major spinal surgery for. Not only are the Doctors now scratching their heads, but they are eating their words in disbelief. My latest MRI scan shows evidence of my recovery and I am no longer in the severe pain that took me off work. I am grateful to be working again and have great respect for your work.”

Grant Smith
Audio Technician

Harmful drug use continues to be a serious public health issue in Australia with 1,808 drug induced deaths registered in 2016.

Most of these deaths were due to prescription pain killers. Pain medications are highly addictive and the dependance on them can be lethal and debilitating!

Moving Beyond Pain naturally is vital now more than ever as stress and injury related illnesses and pain conditions are on the rise.

“Moving Beyond Pain” offers insight into the most effective healing pathways that we have discovered over our combined 40 plus years in the Natural Health field.

We have so far collectively helped literally thousands of people with their pain, to manage it naturally Natural therapies and Self Care Education. Find out how you can best invest your time and energy into self care to reach your ultimate health potential.

Moving Beyond Pain is a title that reflects exactly what our clinic Advanced Myotherapy stands for and is all about. Together with Hannah Beggs and Jess Curl, Leah Jade and Matthew Cleary have created this book to help people move beyond pain using self care.

We have so far collectively helped literally thousands of people with their pain, to manage it naturally.

In Moving Beyond Pain, we bring you the secrets of awakening your true potential for the best possible quality of life for you.

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