Dry Needling promotes:

  • Injury Recovery

    Sports Injuries . RSI . Acute & Chronic Pain

  • Muscular Mobility

    Neck Pain . Back Pain . Joint Pain . Foot & Leg Pain

  • Surgery recovery

    Pre and Post Surgery recovery

Myotherapy Dry Needling

  • Reduces muscular pain
  • Enhances injury recovery
  • Restores range of motion and mobility
  • Increases blood flow to stiff muscles
  • Reduces length of recovery time
Dry needling works similar to Acupuncture for muscle pain. Myotherapists are specially trained to treat muscle pain and needling muscles is incorporated to help speed up recovery and increase mobility.

In Dry Needling, Acupuncture needles are applied to the muscular system for the release of restricted fascia and muscles, to restore range of motion and mobility.

Advanced Myotherapy incorporate dry needling to increase the effectivity of treatments along with other modalities such as cupping and remedial massage.

Similar to the idea of letting air out of a tire, Dry needling uses Acupuncture needles, which are far finer than regular needles, to stimulate blood flow to areas with poor circulation, tension, stiffness and pain.

This is a great method of treating pain caused by injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and general muscle stiffness.

Myotherapy uses dry needling to facilitate injury and performance recovery.

At Advanced Myotherapy, our holistic approach to muscle health allows for greater self awareness around recovery principles and self maintenance to prevent long term pain symptoms.

People far and wide come to us in order to save costs on expensive treatment alternatives, in order to prevent lengthy recovery times for painful conditions and injuries we love to help with.

Our Myotherapy treatments use Dry needling combined with other modalities as a way of restoring range of motion with minimal pain. Dry needling is a way of treating Musculoskeletal conditions specifically.

This modality is used to release muscles without intrusive manipulation in areas of more chronic and acute levels of imbalance.

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