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From the common “text neck” and wry neck, we have found many of our clients come to us, not knowing how to reverse such triggers beyond just treatment alone.

The secret to empowering these clients long term, has often been in the self care education we provide, applicable to the unique individual and what is causing their pain.

Our clients tend to inform us that the ultimate “difference maker” is the knowing what to do, how to take care of their own body, and why the pain originally developed.

Persistent, recurring pain such as migraines, headaches and neck pain is largely triggered by activities of daily living which a thorough assessment will uncover.

Reversing such habits and correcting the posture to reduce and alleviate this pain is our focus at Advanced Myotherapy.

We believe this is exactly why people are referred to us for such pain. Read below to find

After over a decade of pain and countless practitioners I finally found Matt at Advanced Myotherapy. In 3 sessions I have learnt so much about what is causing my problems, have been given so many techniques for managing my back problem and my monthly migraine for the first time was only a mild headache and that was only after 3 sessions! I am looking forward to the future which Matt tells me will be migraine and back pain free. Thank you Advanced Myotherapy Angels!!!” – Elle Martin

“Advanced myotherapy helped me become migraine free! I was having several migraines a month and had to take strong painkillers, leave work abruptly and shut myself in the dark for 24hrs. Matthew found an issue with my neck which was causing the problem. He also taught me to self manage and I now know how to recognise symptoms and care for my health much better!

“I have been going to Advanced Myotherapy for 8 years and with all of my chronic neck issues, related to the work I do on computers, I understand what causes it to worsen and how to reduce the pain naturally without using drugs. Understanding it has made the world of difference as when it flairs up, I know not only what to do but also where to go.” – Sean Ryan

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