Courtenay came into our clinic with some serious pain in the neck (cx) area almost resulting in surgery. Degeneration of the spinal discs c1,2,3,4 and 5 is what Courtenay was facing as well as being under the influence of serious pharmaceutical drugs. Oxyedone, a pain medication pill was the main drug being used to ‘help’ Courtenay deal with the pain.

Poor posture, constantly working, no exercises or movement along with lack of sleep is what very much lead to the pain he was feeling!

Due to all of this combined, his muscles became very guarded and shortened tremendously which then puts unnecessary pressure on the spine causing restriction of movement.

Scheduled in for surgery, Courtenay decided to try a natural therapy in order to help one last time. At first decreasing his pain was the main priority as well as correcting his posture and muscle imbalances.

Treatment included using various techniques such as myo fascial release, trigger point and deep tissue release. A lot of treatment was focused in the cx (neck)  and thoracic region, as well as upper back muscles, pecs and shoulders was the main focus of treatment!

Immediately Courtenay reacted very well to treatment with mobility fully restored within a few sessions and as well as his pain decreasing tremendously which was the primary goal!

A huge part in Courtney’s improvement was the increase of exercise levels which he had never been doing earlier!

Running, going to the gym, playing golf and bike riding all played role in helping. As well as doing correctional exercises in order to help improve his posture and have some balance within his body!

Movement is very important, it helps us have a better awareness of your body and an overall better quality of life, pain free.

No movement results in a lack of flexibility and mobility causing the muscles to shorten thickens up and begin to cause pain! With Courtenay correcting his bad habits and turning them into good habits, he has saved and avoided himself from an unnecessary surgery! With treatment and self care the future looks a lot brighter for Courtenay every day.

Case Study by Jamil Malikyar, Advanced Myotherapist