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3 Practical Steps to Prevent Poor Posture


It’s fantastic that our clients come to see us for their postural related pain, but our main concern is what they are doing in their daily lives that leads them to our clinic. Poor posture effects every physiological function of the body by influencing the spinal column and the nervous system as a result.

Excessive use of technology such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets is one of the many modern day concerns we have for people developing postural related pain conditions.

People are now using mobile devices far longer than they were even recently as the dependence on technology rapidly increases.

The side effect of mobile use leads to a dramatic increase in the degree of spinal flexion which puts an enormous strain on areas that have great influence over our posture.

Sitting for too long and sitting wrong, is also an associated stress factor in many peoples lives that we are seeing. Encouraging our clients to change their habits even slightly is often the “difference maker” that leads to the most dramatic improvements.

1) Standing up and stretching out the iliopsoas muscles (main hip flexor) during the working day can be an incredibly effective way to reduce this muscle shortening.

As a result of this common symptom, there is an enormous amount of pressure placed in the lumbar spine and lower back area, causing an anterior pelvic tilt.

2) Open up the chest as you walk through door ways. Take the opportunity when you change rooms to release the pressure and stress in the chest area, which is shortened throughout the day while you are using computers and mobile devices or working in general.

3) Restore Neck Length by frequently taking time out to gently let go, breathe deep and guide the ear to the shoulder for at least a minute each side.

Built up neck tension can bring headaches that can easily be prevented by remembering that if we take time out for ourselves, we become more efficient in every area of our lives. Reducing stress on ourselves increases productivity and maintaining good posture is key to this.


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