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With an occupation that is both physically and mentally demanding, spending many hours on her feet each day, our client Annabelle sought our help for muscular pain she was experiencing.

Before seeking Myotherapy at our Yea clinic, Annabelle felt like her whole upper body was calling for help.

Some symptoms she was experiencing included:

• Compressing feeling on the ribcage
• Inability to breathe correctly for 6 months
• Felt like other people/health professionals she had seen were not listening
• Pain was so severe that sleep quality & quantity was compromised
• Maximum stress physically & emotionally

In Annabelle’s initial Myotherapy appointment, Kate, her Myotherapist, went through Annabelle’s lifestyle and physical symptoms, as well as conducting a postural/movement assessment.

This information allowed Kate to take a specific direction in what areas needed to be treated, as well as a post-treatment management plan.

A Myotherapy postural assessment found:

• Limited movement through thoracic spine
• Lower back (lumbar) restriction/pain
• Annabelle was sleeping on the side, and experiencing difficulty breathing due to tension in the ribs
• Lumbar extension – spinal pain
• Tenderness through ribcage

The treatment in this initial Myotherapy visit included:

Deep Tissue Massage: through the muscles of erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, infraspinatus, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, pectoralis minor/major, scalenes, splenius and sub occipitals.

Annabelle’s Myotherapy treatment also included Passive Joint Mobilisation: (hip flexion and rotation), plus diaphragm release work.

Following her Myotherapy treatment, Annabelle left the following feedback:

“Kate is amazing. She listened to what I explained, how I felt, and asked lots of questions relating to my body and life. She is friendly yet very professional. I finally feel after 6 months I’m on the road to recovery. I walked out actually feeling good and with a different mindset. I’m definitely returning.”

Annabelle left the clinic feeling like she could breathe again, and had significant pain relief through her

If you are experiencing pain due to lifestyle or occupational related demands, reach out to us. We
can organise a suitable management plan that fits your needs, to get you moving pain-free and feeling
better again.

Annabelle left the clinic feeling like she could breathe again, and had significant pain relief through her ribs.

Finally after 6 months she felt she was “on the road to recovery”!

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