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As we settle into the crispy mornings of Winter’s cold, we share with you our Golden Rules to:

  • Avoid suffering with fatigue
  • Clear mucous build up & congestion
  • Build the immune system
These are 3 of the most powerful ways that you can prevent getting sick in the colder seasons and are the basic principles of health that form the foundation for having more energy for life!

Half way through 2012 already, consider this our guide to help you through to the warmer festive season with good health and vitality. Below we have our Top 5 Golden rules of Winter Self Care in each vital area of wellbeing. Consider these to be the Keys to unlocking your potential for energy this Winter.

5 Ways to: Avoid Suffering Fatigue & Congestion and Build the Immune System

1. Wake up to a Eucalyptus shower 

Enjoy the uplifting steam of Eucalyptus pure essential oil in your morning shower. Just put a few drops on the shower floor before turning on the taps. Do this every morning to help you wake up as Eucalyptus is incredibly stimulating for the senses and can help sharpen your awareness to kick start the day. This will also help prevent the common cold by clearing the sinus and respiratory system. Eucalyptus is also well known for it’s anti-bacterial properties, so will work wonders at keeping infection at bay.  

2. Stock up on Vitamin C! 

Nutrition is King when it comes to longevity! Avoid getting sick with quality plant food. Drink orange juice, squeeze lemon in your water and on your salads. Include citrus where ever and whenever you can. Citrus is one of Nature’s Golden secrets to sustaining life and building the immune system! In Winter we can often opt for the fast option of pre-cooked foods or take away but things like mashed potato, steamed vegies or a pumpkin soup can be so quick and simple to whip up and root vegies are incredibly grounding, which is perfect for the colder times. Include enough green vegies, nuts and natural salts in your diet and you will have plenty essential fatty acids and magnesium to keep you healthy and strong, not just through winter but all year long. 

3. Correct bad posture with healthy habits

Wind down at the end of each day with relaxing music and a good stretch to reverse bad posture and the shortening of muscles which create imbalances. Spend a good minute in each stretch to allow your muscles to fully release and bring blood flow to the areas. Circulation is vital especially in winter when it’s cold. It’s also the time when the body instinctively protects itself from the cold by tightening up. Avoid sleeping on your stomach which results in a twisted neck. Over time this causes problems and pain, along with rounded shoulders which fall forward and end up leading to the dreaded “hunch back”. 

4. Open your windows every day! 

If you find it too cold in Winter to keep a window or two open at all times, even just by a centre metre or so, then at least open them wide up for a few hours a day. If no where else, then you must do this for your bedroom, as you spend 8 hours every night there and over a week, that’s a lot of stale air in the lungs if not well circulated. Stale air will have you waking up tired where as fresh air keeps the respiratory system healthy and prevents breathing problems, chest infections, colds, flu and asthmatic vulnerability. 

5. Hydration linked to Longevity & Youth 

The most vital element in Nature is Water. “Drying is dying” and wrinkles are the first sign of dehydration. When we are born we are 90% water. As we grow into adults we are around 70% water and when we die, we remain around 50-60% water! So let that fact remind you to keep the fluids up and stay young! 

In Winter we tend to drink less water because we are cold, where as in Summer we are well aware of our thirst. The best way to keep balance in Winter is to keep warm and maintain healthy blood flow / circulation, so that we are drinking more. Movement generating heat in the body, so it’s even more important in Winter to keep up both exercise and fluids! 

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