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Chris was told he needed knee surgery and now he’s back to playing footy with no pain. We saw Chris when he was hardly able to walk without pain from his knee injury. With a treatment plan that included recovery, maintenance, and specific self care exercises, Chris walks out of the clinic without pain.

Now able to play footy again and not needing surgery, Myotherapy is something Chris attributes to his surgery prevention which has ultimately saved him a substantial amount of recovery time off work and off the footy field.

“The GP told me to get an arthroscope for my knee pain. After a series of treatments, I am back boxing, doing leg weights in the gym and climbing up and down ladders with no pain! Thank you Advanced Myotherapy!” Chris Aliferis

In a previous blog post of ours, we share:

6 Things that alleviate knee pain. Read it here.

The key to alleviating and preventing knee pain lies in self-care, as with many if not most painful symptoms. Our focus at Advanced Myotherapy lies in offering self-care education for the recovery of such problems to take the pressure off joints and prevent recommended surgery now or down the track.

We love stories like Chris’ as they prove just how much the right treatment and care can change an outcome! Chris was recommended surgery…like many of our clients, and again as with many other clients, he was not only able to prevent it, but he is back on the field week after week literally kicking goals!

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