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Hakan came to Advanced Myotherapy seeking treatment for a LHS (Left Hand Side) upper trap and neck
injury sustained in a gym setting.

For context – the injury occurred during a barbell overhead press, which passes load directly through the spine/neck/shoulders.

Sometimes in a repetition completed under fatigue, or when there is asymmetry or tightness/weakness in the body, a movement under load can induce injury such as the one experienced by Hakan.

These injuries can also develop over time through regularly performing exercises that pass load through joints that certain individuals may not have the range of motion, mobility or stability for.

The injury that Hakan sustained resulted in pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion in the affected

Hakan was drawn to Advanced Myotherapy through our informative website, positive google reviews, and our hassle free booking system.

Hakan more specifically experienced the following symptoms:

• A “pulling” feeling on trap (trapezius)
• Inability to rotate head towards his L side

Following a movement and postural screening/assessment in our Carlton Clinic, our therapist Jamil treated the following areas: upper back, thoracic spine, rhomboids, erectors. Trapezius, levator scapulae, supraspinatus, scalenes, suboccipital muscles, and spleen capsule.

Following the treatment, the prescribed management plan moving forward included:

• Self Myofascial Release on Trapezius and Levator Scapulae
• Specific stretches for neck
• Specific foam rolling techniques
• Heat pack treatment

This post appointment care provided Hakan with ample information to move forward in rehabilitating
his injury, as well as restoring his range of motion and symmetry in the affected areas.

Hakan’s range of motion was increased to 60 degrees during the initial treatment, and following the treatment has increased his range of motion to 80% on the affected side.

Hakan provided the following feedback post-treatment:

“Jamil took his time in asking questions to deduce my exact issues, whilst also being informative in what
and why he is targeting certain areas. After the treatment, I had a big improvement from how I was
before the treatment.”

We are so glad to hear that Hakan had a successful treatment. If you have sustained a similar injury,
reach out to us and we can help you form a management and treatment plan after assessing your
posture and affected/injured areas.

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