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Welcome to Winter!!! 

As we have now settled well into the energy of this year, it is vital during the colder months that we keep our body balanced with warmth and maintain a strong range of motion. As we all know Massage is a great way to help encourage blood flow and circulation, so this winter we have a very Special 90-minute Aromatherapy Massage, for the price of 1-hour!!!…This special offer is our way of promoting good health and wellbeing this winter.

This month we look at:

  • Aromatherapy combined with Remedial Massage for circulation
  • Toxic household cleaning and beauty products – ingredients to watch!
  • Lung dis-ease & Respiratory Health – how to stay strong through winter
  • Diet & Lifestyle factors that build the immune system, pre-venting disease
  • Mood foods and the influence of nutrition on Mental Health

Aromatherapy Massage for circulation, digestion & skin…

Aromatherapy Massage is exactly the same as a remedial or relaxation massage, performed with the pressure preference applied through the treatment, only enhanced in it’s therapeutic benefits. Last month we discussed the benefits of Aromatherapy in treating ailments such as PMT and anxiety the natural way. 

Winter especially can be a challenging time for the circulatory system, which is another health issue, treated by many using the healing properties of particular oils. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are two of the most well known essential oils that work wonders on the circulatory system, clearing congestion, sinus and helping the respiratory system detoxify itself from mucous build up, which is common through winter. 

Both well known de-decongestants and anti-inflammatory, perfect for Monday morning fatigue and lethargy. Used in Aromatherapy treatments, these oils are refreshing and uplifting also offering soothing relief from headaches, skin conditions and irritations. 

Pepper-mint is also renowned for it’s ability to promote mental alertness, concentration and focus! Just think of the name- pepper. A stimulating spice, a warming, stimulant “pep up” spice, we often add to bring life to our cooking. Secondly, the name “mint” also has associations with “mind” and “ment”al realm, being such a powerful scent. Peppermint is a great essential oil that has been used for centuries as a digestive aid. 

A fantastic Winter Warmer essential oil we can use, is Ginger. Not only is this a powerful dietary staple, employed by many Eastern Medical practitioners, but it’s warm stimulating properties are also uplifting. Ginger is one of the best digestive stimulants, helping also to relieve nausea, improve circulation and ease muscular aches as well as arthritis!

Toxic Household Cleaning & Beauty Products…

We expose ourselves to a world of toxic chemicals and products frequently, between both home and work, from the shower and the bathroom beauty products, to the laundry at home. Between both our home environment to the workplace, we are constantly breathing in chemicals being omitted from the high toxicity wall paints to the hand “anti-bacterial” soaps, that weaken our immune system. 

One of the cheapest chemical ingredients used by many brands in product formulation, is “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate” or SLS. Used in many cosmetic and household cleaners, it is a dangerous chemical linked to cancer, showed to have long term retention in the bodies tissues. 

Upon finding this research a number of years ago now, I found it a very liberating experience to go through each of my cupboards, emptying them from the products that contained such toxic, carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients, and finding alternative, and equally effective solutions. 

Research has found that many of the “self care” products such as men’s shaving foams, actually cause “baldness” long term! Just think, in the shower, under hot water, our scalp and skin pores are being opened, allowing whatever we use on our skin, to seep straight into the blood steam, just as a nicotine patch works! 

There have also been a number of ingredients, commonly used in popular big name brands, that have links to infertility, which is a big issue that women and men are facing more and more in today’s world.  So let this be a gentle reminder, that what we use on our skin, has a long term impact on our health. 

Lung Dis-ease and Respiratory health – how to stay strong this winter…

Click here to read our latest article on pre-venting lung disease and protecting against cancer and other respiratory conditions. Here you will find the many self care and nutritional factors that help strengthen our immune system which is vital to protect against lung conditions. 

Diet & Lifestyle factors that build the immune system, pre-venting disease…

As Hippocrates “The Father of Medicine”  said, “Let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food.”…we all have a lot to remember, not learn, when it comes to our health. The most important instrumental factor in maintaining our health and longevity, is our own Self Care, in both Diet & Lifestyle. Our advice is simply to go back to mother nature and take responsibility for your own health. 

Eliminating commercially refined and processed, lifeless and packaged foods from the diet, and incorporating the basic principles of health, eradicate the need for “health care” long term…as a result of sufficient yet simple “self care” practices.

Mood foods and the influence of nutrition on Mental Health…

Winter is a time that is said to be associated more than any other, with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression. Being the time of year that the sun is for the most part, hidden, we can easily become deficient in the most vital vitamin, vitamin D…known to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. 

In the treatment of depression and mood “disorders”, or low emotional states, nutrition is one of the most influential factors with regards to the state of mind. Vitamin B and amino acids have been found to be the most beneficial nutrients for depression.

It is said that yellow foods have great powers when it comes to uplifting one’s moods and energy, which are highly appropriate for the winter time, when we need that extra boost for the immune system to maintain strength for the cold. So next time you are doing your weekly shop, be sure to add oranges and citrus fruits to the basket, along with other seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.

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