Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpus comes from the Greek word which means wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is when there is irritation and pain that comes from tight tissue which makes up the carpal tunnel, squeezing the nerves and causing tingling and numbness in the fingers. 

The very same thing occurs in Tarsal tunnel syndrome because the anatomy of the ankle and the wrist are very similar. What usually leads to this condition is exerting pressure on the nerve at the wrist, which can be a results of a number of other conditions such as pregnancy, obesity, arthritis and trauma. It can be a result of RSI / repetitive strain on the wrist and inflammation from work such as uninterrupted typing and the like. 

In surgery the carpal tunnel is cut away to take the pressure off the nerves, which is most of the time preventable with correct care, awareness and treatment. Carpal tunnel can even resolve itself over a period of time and is often a temporary condition or it can also persist and progress which is when Myotherapy should be sought for treatment and recovery. 

Sometimes Carpal tunnel syndrome can be mistaken for tendonitis, which is the inflammation of the tendon that extends the thumb. This can be corrected with the R.I.C.E method of rest and ice along with correct support in place. Carpel tunnel left untreated however can lead to weakening in the hand grip and strength along with atrophy and deterioration. 

Here is what one of our clients had to say after treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome…

“I was diagnosed with CTA – carpel tunnel symcrome, tendonitis and fibromialga and was treated by a Psysio for 4 months once a week.  You have done more for me in one session  than the physio did in that whole time and the tingling is almost gone already.”– Malina Larm