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The Vital Role of The Glutes

I just want to say that there was once a time when I had no idea how important the glutes are! I did Yoga from a very ealry age and always love stretching more than anything!

BUT… (pardon the pun) it wasn’t until much later in more recent years that I learned how vital glute strength can be! Not only do the glutes hold tension when we are feeling stressed and emotional… but they “hold everything together” for us in terms of supporting the pelvic organs!

I learned this especially since being a mum while pregnant and having babies growing above my bladder! This was reason enough for me to seek knowledge around pelvic floor strength!

If you or someone you know is expecting, I have also just learned that she will soon be running Pregnancy specific classes too! I’m so excited about this as there is far too little in the way of pregnancy and birth recovery preparation in my opinion!

Attending Kristy’s classes taught me a lot about the role of the glutes! More so from putting her teachings into action and during the times when I have “slacked” off (literally;).

As a Mum, there have been times when I have let good habits slide and this personal experience tells me that this stuff works!

It’s true! The glutes really do “hold everything together”. I mean, they support the pelvic floor, enahnce the posture enormously and help you feel a lot more stable!

So, yes… you absolutely MUST stretch the glutes as they can hold a great deal of tension, especially being out biggest muscles! The wisdom lies in not only building, but maintaining glute strength and moreso “balance”.

So, if you have been suffering from lower back pain, sciatica or general tightness in hamstrings and even knee pain, having gluteal muscle balance is pivotal!

Doing squats and bridges are fantastic activation exercises for the glutes, but remember to stretch them. And if you are unsure, absolutely get the help of an exercise therapist! They can give some awesome insights into technique, sequence and individual needs!

Until  next time, stay strong. Breathe deeply. And relax too:)

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