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At Advanced Myotherapy, our aim is to reduce & prevent the need for dependence on Pharmaceutical Drugs, unnecessary surgery and drastic pain reduction methods that cause long term damage. We thank you all, for supporting us in supporting you, in your health & well being.

Here are our top tips to get through the cold without aches and pains:

  1. Visit a sauna at least once a week or fortnight to break down and clear chest congestion and to avoid colds. It’s also a highly effective way of reducing muscle tension and detoxifying the body. Just make sure you take an ice cold bottle of water with you to keep you cool and hydrated! 
  2. Use a spa jet to self massage any aching muscles and tension areas. This will help relax the area and increase blood flow to speed up recovery time for injuries also.If you have a bath at home, enjoy some time out for a hot salt bath.  Salt is essential for the muscles to avoid cramping and help keep them relaxed. Alternatively, a nice hot shower will suffice. 
  3. Include plenty of un-iodised sea/rock salt in your diet. An effective way of doing so, can be to drink a teaspoon of salt dissolved into a glass of warm water each day. I admit, the taste is nothing fancy, but the results are well worth it. Natural salt also helps us absorb nutrients, where iodised salt in fact decreases our ability to do so. (More on this in our “7 Secrets to Longevity & Wellbeing”).
  4. Use a wheat bag on tight muscles to soften them and help you relax. Any area of the body responds well to heat when tight. Heat also helps break down mucous, so it is great to help avoid and pre-vent the common colds and flu! Our quality Australian Wheat Bags are back by popular demand, so pop in if you don’t have one.

Another recent addition to our “Health Essentials” retail range which has been really popular is the Natural Sleep Remedy! A blend of flower essences, we have had great results and feedback with this and highly recommend it as a natural remedy to help you sleep during those stressful times. 

If you are seeking effective treatment for any condition, including the following: 

  • Carpel tunnel
  • Planta Faciitis/ Heel Pain
  • Tennis Elbow/ Lateral Epicondilitis
  • Disc Herniation 
  • PMT
  • Pre & Post Natal Stress
  • Sleeping problems
  • Lethargy
  • Cold & Flu
  • Fatigue

Call us today: 9437 5764 to discuss how we can help.

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