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Also a big “Congratulations” to those who completed the Melbourne Fun Run. We had some great feedback and results, which we are proud to be a part of.
August is also the last month of Winter, so be sure to take advantage of our Special 90-min Aromatherapy Massage for the price of 1 hour before appointments are taken! 
We are seeing quite a number of people getting colds at the moment, so for top tips on home remedies that don’t cost a cent, head to our facebook page by “clicking here” to find some top cold remedies & help keep the doctor away!
There we discuss methods of clearing congestion including the use of certain essential oils, as well as some powerful healing foods such as honey, that are anti-bacterial and have long been used as natural “anti-biotics”!

Our medicinal tea has been a big hit with clients who have been asking us for the recipe not only because of it’s healing powers but because it taste so great! So here it is… 

Simply squeeze 3 – 4 lemons in a jug, slice up about a dice size of ginger (or more if you wish), add honey and hot water and walla! It’s that easy and it doesn’t need to cost a cent! Don’t you love nature!

Also common in winter is the feeling of fatigue…
Fighting fatigue successfully depends on approaching the issue holistically, though there are a few golden principles that we feel you must know. Simple things such as a sufficient restful sleep, nutrients and physical exercise make the world of difference in keeping up with demands on our energy. 
If suffering sleep deprivation or having difficulties staying asleep at night, there are a number of handy things to know, that are used successfully by many to assist proper rest and relaxation. Usually a few drops of Lavender essential oil massaged into the temples and wrists will sooth the nerves and calm us enough to fall asleep. 
We also recommend Rescue Sleep Spray which is a botanical blend of flower essences that help in much the same way, only ingested orally with a couple of sprays under the tongue. This spray is great for those odd nights you find it that little bit harder to unwind and stop thinking while trying to fall asleep.
Sometimes it can be a good idea to set a routine of winding down at the end of the day to prepare for bed time. This can be as simple as having a hot shower. A great tip is to put a few drops of a  calming essential oil on the shower floor (or whatever oil you feel like), so as to have the steam work its magic in releasing the therapeutic benefits of the aroma, inducing a relaxed and pleasant mood. 
Switching off from technology is another big help that most people find, as going straight to bed after emailing or working on a computer, can be difficult to cut off from the stimulating brain noise.
Some great energy foods to help dissolve lathargy are citrus especially. Foods that are bright in colour are said to brighten our own energy levels, though another thing to watch, is that you don’t over eat. Eating too big a meal at any time during the day is known to zap your energy, leaving you feeling heavy, slow and weighed down. So if you find yourself suffering from winter fatigue and low energy, be sure to drink plenty of fluids so as not to fill up too much on heavy foods.
Last but not least, one of the best ways to enhace our energy levels is to ensure we are getting enough fresh air! Opening windows is a start, but exercising the lungs is vital for vitality, both physically and mentally, which is needless to say, as what influences the body, influences the mind and vice versa. Poor circulation is a common yet easiliy pre-ventable problem that many face, particularly with such poor building design, that does little to promote fresh air flow. 
Many office buildings are designed without windows that open, so if you are in an office building, be sure to get out during lunch for at least a brisk walk to open up the lungs and promote energy flow throughout the body. Employing these simple strategies can go a long way in enhacing your energy levels. Just a reminder, as it’s easy to forget, even though most of us already know, it can be good to sometimes have that little shove in the right direction, to apply our wisdom. 
Another little tip, is if you do work at a desk, and especially with a computer, make sure you balance the carbon with a plant by your side! This will make the air quality better for you also.
Lastly we have a new addition to our Health Essentials range which we know you will all love! We know some of you have been waiting for these to arrive, and finally they have. We welcome a fantastic little self care tool, the Massage trigger point knob. These little guys are great for laying on, either for the gluts, hips, neck or back…as well as applying pressure for self massage in aching areas. We are sure you will find them a useful tool.

That’s all for this month. We hope you are all enjoying the brighter days and budding plants again leading up to Spring. Have a fantastic August everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon for your next tune up!

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