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Advanced Myotherapy would like to wish all of you a wonderful fresh start for the new year. 

Last year was an enormous growth year for us as we expanded our sphere of practice into Chiropractic, welcoming Dr. John Ahmar on board. 

So now – not only are we treating the cause and symptoms – but we have a team that works together in helping the community to restore and maintain health from the core foundations.

For the New Year, we plan on continuing to develop our reach to an even greater capacity, to help our clients towards their potential for wellbeing. 

Offering a range of modalities to suit various needs of individuals, our confidence in being a trusted practice of specialist therapists is growing, with the numbers of successful treatments, programs and recovery results. 

Working with professional Sports men and women, elite athletes and acute to chronic injuries, we have a long list of testimonials from those who have recovered from injuries and conditions that the medical professionals have recommended surgery for. 

Last year we had a wonderful story of recovery, where by we assisted a client in avoiding surgery that was recommended and are pleased to say, have seen make huge progress in the right direction. 

Grant Smith reported having a new MRI a year after being told he needed surgery for a herniated disc…only to find it had completely healed in terms of structure, with a little more nerve regeneration to take place. 

Congratulations Grant, we could not be more stoked. So beyond recovery, our priority at Advanced Myotherapy is Self Maintenance and Care. 

So our advice to you, as someone who knows the value of Myotherapy and self care, is to make your health a priority this year, and maintain your wellbeing with regular stretching, exercise, a natural diet and regular treatments. 

We wish you a safe and productive HEALTHY 2012!

See you soon. 

Best wishes from the team at Advanced Myotherapy. 

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