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What is Myofascial release and what exactly do we do here here at Advanced Myotherapy in Carlton, Melbourne? Lets go back to the basics.

Myotherapy’s literal translation means muscle therapy. The fascia, covering every muscle, bone, blood vessel, organ and nerve is a tough connecting tissue. This supports, cushions and provides stability for us during our everyday activities even sleeping. During a Myotherapy session the therapist applies pressure using a hands on technique that stretches out a restricted area of the fascia. This results in the effected tissue undergoing a change in length and therefore becoming softer and relaxed.

Restriction of the fascia system is the result of any kind of trauma, inflammation or poor posture. The fascia becomes tight, this restricts blood flow and consequently becomes a source of tension. There is a loss of strength, co ordination and endurance as a result. If not treated, the contraction process is accentuated and in the long run this poor muscular biometrics results in a alteration of the structural aliment. A common example of this is internal rotation of the shoulders. This can be the result from sitting at a desk on a computer all day with poor posture. The peck major muscles have become restricted pulling the body out of it’s normal alignment.

The benefits of myofascial release can be gained in just one hour by booking a session with a competent health professional, this can be in the form of myotherapy or even a massage therapy session. At Advanced Myotherapy we treat the problem and the root cause, maintaining our clients overall health, and allowing them to gain functional and pain free movement. Something which in reality should be an everyday given.

At Advanced Myotherapy all our initial appointments are 90 minutes. We will discuss with you the areas of your fascia which have become restricted and judge the severity through a physical evaluation. From here a treatment plan can be devised in order restore your range of movement. Relief from the initial pain can be obtained in this initial session, however in other cases a client may require further follow up treatments. In this instance at Advanced Myotherapy we offer a maintenance care package, where after 3 more treatments you will get the 4th one for free.

As well as the treatment sessions at Advanced Myotherapy, with either a massage therapist, myotherapist or chiropractor, we educate all our clients in combining this with basic self care routines at home. We encourage regular exercise, daily stretches and applying heat in the form of wheat bags to affected areas. Together this focuses on long term results, an active recovery and a commitment of self care towards restoring and maintaining the bodies equilibrium.


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