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In Australia almost all of us suffer from poor posture. This is the resulting posture from the shortening and tightening of muscles while others lengthen and become weak. It is more often than not the result of our daily activities, for example slumping over a desk at a computer all day.

There are obvious physical indications of poor posture, there can be the rounding and elevation of the shoulders, meaning the head is positioned further forward and or a forward tilt of the hips increasing the curve of the lumbar spine and producing a protruding stomach.

As well as making you look older poor posture can lead to many other problems. The extra pressure that is put on the spine leads to back pains, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration as well as headaches. This adversely affects the day to day operations of individuals at work and at home.

In total there are 31 sets of nerves, that branch out and travel to certain divisions of the body, from the spinal cord.

Spinal nerves have both motor and sensory fibres. An area of the skin innervated by the sensory fibres by a nerve are known as the dermatome. A group of muscles innervated by the motor fibre by a nerve is known as the myotome.

There is a small variations to the distribution patterns that take place in each individual but generally speaking it is relatively consistent. Each muscle in the body is therefore supplied by a certain segment of the spinal cord. Take C7 for example, this allows us to bend our elbow.

Nerves can become injured through compression or force, which in many cases comes back to obtaining a poor posture. Spinal nerve root compression describes this pressure on the spinal nerve roots. This conditions leads to problems such as herniated discs.

When this happens, there is a deficits that then occur in the corresponding limbs, for example a shooting pain down your leg may in fact be the result of a spinal misalignment.

At Advanced Myotherapy, in Carlton, we take on a non surgical approach, addressing the problem and the cause. Today we live in a quick fix society where surgery can produce positive results in certain cases, but often fails to heal the pain as the problem is not detected correctly in the first place.

Surgery as well as been costly also carries the risk of complications which then can go on to require further surgeries.

We recognise each individual is different at Advanced Myotherapy, and therefore requires a treatment personalised to them. We offer a number of different approaches to treat spinal alignment by competent health professionals.

A Chiropractor will adjust you if subluxation (partial dislocation) is found or there is any other misalignment of your spinal joints. By adjusting the vertebrae a chiropractor will be restoring your natural spinal alignment. This releases any compressions on the spinal cord, allowing the signals through the nervous system to flow without been inhibited.

A session of massage therapy can also restore your posture by relaxing the muscles if the healthcare professional has a sound understanding of the neuromuscular system.

By providing our clients with this further knowledge and education enables an efficient recovery as well as long term results.

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