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As parents you learn quickly how easily a situation can escalate stress levels when little ones are yet to develop impulse control! You also learn that certain elements of chaos contribute ingredients for a recipe that gives rise to stress!

This is why we thought we would write about some fantastic ideas we have been implementing which have made a huge difference, we thought could be useful to you!


Recently we put together a “transition” kit for family adventures. While we have little children, we think this could not only be a great tool for parents of older children, but adults too!

All this little kit involves is a bag, pack or basket prepared in the car or by the door that has a number of useful items for all types of anticipated activities. See, we have a young one who otherwise does NOT like the car (yet;)…so our big saver was popping in some activities like drawing, safe snacks (like dried berries) and a few little toys.

That was the first step we implemented which saw dramatic change in the level of stress experienced in our travels.


The second tip we want to share is timing. We have “finally” worked out that 11am is the best time to schedule things away from home, so the children have time to PLAY before the car.

This made a HUGE difference to how calm they were ON the way! Apply this principle to yourself too! If you have a long drive or a lot of travel, make sure you stretch the legs and open the lungs so you’re less “foggy” from the sedentary time moving very little.


Again, this relates to parents really well, but applies to everyone! We can say this from experience, having had very little rhythm at times and mastering it at others. From knowing the two, we can say with confidence that rhythm has power.

A great example of this has been around preparation, especially getting children involved in meal time! I’ve heard it being said and read about it loads AND experienced it for myself that children enjoy their meals FAR more when they are involved in making it!

It really seems to serve to instil appreciation for the food too! Something we feel to be important! This is just one of the habits that can go a long way to supporting a smooth day in our eyes. Getting clothes ready for a child, though takes the choice away for the child, really can ease a morning’s stress, by helping a child with one less decision!

On the plus side of this, it’s also been something most highly successful people like Steve Jobs, Apple founder as well as Netflix founder say that they do wherever possible!

The less decision making, the better our creativity as the more brain space we have for higher priorities AND fun! Which is SO important ESPECIALLY for children.

So, to translate this to the grown ups out there who don’t have little ones are who’s little ones are now big… automating as much of your life as possible can be a great weight off the shoulders so to speak! Automatic bill payments, a weekly meal plan, and a regular schedule are all things that can make for a far less stressful quality of life!

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