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Second Step Stage 4 Melbourne Covid-19 Care Criteria:

Under the Second Step, are therapies, such as myotherapy, naturopathy and remedial massage therapy, able to work on-site?

Selected therapies may only work on-site when they are providing services that are part of a patient’s endorsed care plan and where these therapies are needed to help prevent a significant deterioration in functional independence, resulting in an escalation of care needs (such as increased frequency in treatment, significant increase in pain, specialist input, or substantial increase in recovery time as a result of delayed care).

As a Primary Health Profession: Myotherapy addresses chronic and acute Musculoskeletal Pain.

Part of many Chronic Disease Management care plans, working in the prevention of medical care escalation, Myotherapy is a form of treatment assisting in the reduction of pain medication dependence.

The Myotherapy profession is one that promotes functional independence. A per the many patient feedback submissions, having access to this physical therapy is often the most effective recovery option for seriously debilitating conditions.

How Myotherapy helps our patients prevent the need for escalated medical care:

Below is merely a few of the hundreds of testimonials and feedback submissions we have received in the 12 years since operating from my clinic in Carlton.

Recurring headaches / shoulder pain:

“ I have been receiving ongoing treatments for recurring headaches, neck and shoulder pain. I noticed immediate improvement after the first session and the headaches cleared up with the second” Koby Hagensfeild

Complete Shoulder muscle tear:

“I came to the clinic for a complete tear of the supraspinatus tendon and she helped significantly with my recovery.” Joe Talia

Chronic Shoulder pain from accident:

“I call the staff at Advanced Myotherapy “pain magicians” as they always make any pain disappear so quickly. Most recently I had a bike accident, my shoulder was hurting for months afterwards. Single session fixed it, it’s back to brand new!” Veronica Nemes

Chronic Pain / Hip Burisits: Impacting life and sleep quality

“My treatment at Advanced Mayotherapy has been nothing less than exquisite. The team is phenominal and I’ve been painfree from bursitis since having a maintenance package. As a ballet dancer for 20 odd years, living in chronic pain was all I knew. My sleep has increased as has my quality of living. Highly recommend the crew here!” Lacey Barret

Chronic back pain:

“I went in and I was struggling to walk and bend over from a major sore back. An hour session later and I walked out feeling amazing. 24 hours later I was back playing squash and most of the pain had gone. A second session a week later and I made a full recovery.” Nahzi Dib

Knee and ankle trauma:

“I started attending eight weeks ago for a knee and ankle trauma and was happily teamed with a Myotherapist. Since then the improvement has been extraordinary.” Neil Henson

Reccuring back pain

“They have helped me overcome reoccurring back pain issues where other health professionals couldn’t.” Jonaton Hayton

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