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Here we are into the second half of 2011, mid winter already!

This month we look at: 

  • The Value of Stretching Long Term
  • Secret Benefits of Potatoes
  • The Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory foods
  • Joint Stiffness & Muscle Pain – How to avoid it
  • The Vital Role of Nutrition in Heart Health

The Value of Stretching Long Term…

All stiffness and pain in the muscles is experienced as a result of poor blood flow, circulation and range of motion, which is limited due to a lack of movement and tightening of the muscle tissue. Stretching is the most fundamental form of exercise in keeping the muscles soft, flexible and also strong in the long term by increasing the flow of energy and blood throughout the body, thereby enhancing vitality, wellbeing and structural integrity.

There are many simple stretches that can be done to avoid both injuries and pain, as well as assist in the recovery from both acute and chronic injuries. Keeping the muscles flexible and soft with stretching and movement is a vital key in maintaining health and longevity, preventing many of the ailments that come with ageing and physical stiffness. Keeping the spine mobile, preventing degeneration, deterioration and promoting blood flow to areas that many people suffer preventable conditions with, such as the eyes, neck and head. Click here to see our recent photo album, demonstrating some great simple stretches that can go a long way in preventing muscle imbalances, long term!

Secret Benefits of Potatoes…

Potatoes are revered for their healing properties, especially on the digestive system. Known as great kidney foods that help reduce stomach bloating and promote sustained energy (being the good “complex” type of carbohydrate). Potatoes have a bad reputation for their starch content, though this is exactly why they are so good for us! Starch acts like a sponge, cleansing and removing the body of toxic waste and congestion, as well as helping to regulate digestion. Click here to read more about the abundant benefits of potatoes, including promoting healthy skin!

The Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory foods…

We have recently added a new photo album on our facebook page with the top anti-inflammatory foods. Be sure to add these to your shopping list and consciously bring these foods into your diet to help prevent health problems later in life. Click here to browse the album and learn what each of these super foods have to offer our health and longevity. 

Joint Stiffness & Muscle Pain – How to avoid it…

Stiff joints and aching muscles are much more apparent as we settle into winter with the cold and damp weather. Keeping the muscles warm with movement and blood flow is the number one key to maintaining ease of motion and avoiding problems like arthritis later in life. It is said that all pain in a result of poor blood flow and blocked circulation, so regular exercise and stretching is vital in keeping such stiffness at bay, especially during the winter time. 

The Vital Role of Nutrition in Heart Health…

With heart disease being a leading cause of death, it is important to know that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of the heart. Grapefruit and other citrus fruits are said to be the ultimate heart super foods, helping to clear and unblock the arteries. 

Stress plays a large role in contributing to heart problems… and dealing with stress can be impossible without the support of a strong immune system…and we all know that vitamin C is essential to help build immunity. Other top Heart Foods include the obvious, being green leafy vegetables, but also both tomatoes and capsicums, which we can easily see why when it comes to their signatures. Just looking at these two we can see just how identical they are to the heart itself, with four chambers, exactly the same. 

One of the biggest contributing factors in heart problems is clogged arteries, which is most often as result of fatty blood/ cholesterol and simply overwhelming the body with fats. Sugar can be a great leading factor developing fat within the body by overwhelming it with refined and unnatural substances. As a healthy “alternative”, on the other hand, Honey…breaks down mucous, which the body stresses to push through and discard of (placing pressure on the heart & other organs).

Honey is an incredibly healing source of nutrition which is also an anti-bacterial…so next time you feel low on energy or have a sweet tooth, opt for honey in your tea or cereal instead of sugar, as this way you will be doing yourself a favour. This stuff is nature’s gold, and is far sweeter than sugar, so you need less of it and because it is a naturally occurring substance, it is slow releasing energy which does not shock and overwhelm them blood as sugar does.

Honey has also long been used in the healing of wounds because of it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal soothing properties, as well as it’s abilities to moisturise at the same time, so keep this natural gem in stock and you will be far better off in terms of health and wellbeing, in many ways. Honey has also been documented in medical journals for it’s effective treatment of diabetes and ulcers, and been used as a great “natural” anti-biotic – without the down side – of “side” effects! 

Aside from these principles, supporting our heart health with sufficient (around half of our diet) “raw” fruits and vegetables is a great way to sustain our vitality and longevity. Including plenty of cooked root vegetables especially now in winter will also provide a great balance to this principle, if incorporated with a lifestyle that includes at least light to moderate exercise to support the circulatory and cardiovascular system. 

When it comes to heart health, we must also remember that stress management also plays a key part in reducing the possibility of conditions developing later in life. Educating ourselves around the many techniques and therapeutic tools that are widely adopted in treating both stress and mental health issues/ supporting emotional wellbeing, can be the most influential pillar in creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 

The key to wellbeing according to traditional eastern medicine…is “Balance”. So whether you are in need of relaxation to help d-stress or uplifting when energy is low, Aromatherapy Massage is a highly therapeutic method of restoring balance to both mind and body. Using essential oils with abundant healing properties, our Aromatherapy Massage focuses on providing the right balance needed for you as an individual. 

Remember we have a fantastic Winter Special with 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage for the price of 1-hour. And for those of you who are feeling the cold and are in need of a little Winter Warming…we have a wide range of quality wheat bags that have been helping many of our clients get through the tension that tends to come with winter. With these little goodies, we trust you will all have sufficient enough tools to get you through between tune ups. Until next time, have a great start to the second half of the year!

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