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Glute and Hip pain is caused by stiff muscles surrounding the weight bearing hip joints. Lower back and pelvic tilt issues can also contribute to hip problems and at Advanced Myotherapy we have a number of effective techniques of tackling the root causes of these imbalances for lasting results.  
We have helped many people avoid taking pills or resorting to surgery for issues like sciatica and hip problems, which has often times been the very first recommendation. With correct treatment and self care advice many of our patients have been able to recover from such problems with ease. 
Hip pain and glut tightness can come from trauma to the area from accidents, slips or other types of injury, causing problematic symptoms like sciatica and nerve root compression. In some cases hip pain is developed due to a lack of strength where as glut tension can be a result of inflexibility or incorrect sitting posture.
The nerve roots compression that develops sciatica and hip pain can lead to serious long term degeneration and premature ageing. What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is find the cause of the such problems by making a thorough assessment, so as to direct the approach of treatment.
Our treatment is advanced with prescribed self care to prevent further issues and pain as well as improve the issues at the core of the problem. 

To increase the speed of recovery from hip and glut pain it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and normal range of motion. Weight resistance training is an important aspect in avoiding injuries related to weakness and poor muscle health. We have a number of self care techniques that our clients swear by, in effectively treating glut and hip pain. If you would like to know how to kick that pain in the butt, give us a call today. 

We at Advanced Myotherapy Carlton would love to hear from you if you have any questions and are looking to manage pain naturally without drugs or costly treatments without any real results.  




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