Autumn Self Care

Myotherapy Melbourne Autumn
Autumn is the natural transitional time to prepare for Winter
Here are our top 5 tips to get through this season…

  1. To take a preventative approach to your health, invest time in visiting a sauna regularly to help break down and clear respiratory congestion and bacteria build up in the chest. Not only will you prevent colds and flu, but you will be reducing muscle tension and detoxifying the body. Just make sure you take a bottle of water with you to keep you cool and hydrated!
  2. Use spa jets to self massage any aching muscles and tension areas. This will help relax the tissues and increase blood flow to speed up recovery time for injuries also.
  3. If you have a bath at home, take rejuvenating hot salt baths often.  Salt is essential for muscle function, helping prevent cramping by promoting relaxation. Alternatively, a nice long hot shower will suffice in times of tension.
  4. Include plenty of un-iodised sea/rock salt in your diet. Natural salt helps us absorb nutrients, where iodised salt in fact decreases our ability to do so, hardening the arteries with added aluminium. 
  5. Use a wheat bag on tight muscles to soften them and help you relax. Any area of the body responds well to heat when tight. Heat also helps break down mucous, so it is great to help avoid and pre-vent the common colds and flu! Our quality Wheat Bags are available on clinic or online, so pop in if you don’t have one.

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Myotherapy for Neck Pain


Self Care is vital to maintain a full range of motion for the neck.

Too many people suffer needlessly with preventable neck and upper back restrictions. The most common symptoms of restrictions in the neck and upper back include postural imbalances which result in rounded shoulders and your neck protruding forward as well as pain in the upper back, shoulders, neck and possibly headaches. There are many simple self care exercises that can be done at home to improve posture and reduce upper back/neck pain.

Firstly, laying on a tightly rolled towel and placing it vertically under the spine is a great way to bring your shoulders back and open up the chest which will remove stress from the upper back/neck and improve posture. The best time to do this is for 5-10 minutes at night before bed, especially for someone with a desk job as they tend to spend most of the day sitting in a slouched position with their shoulders rounded forward.

There are many stretches that can be done to help alleviate neck pain and correct forward head posture. The first is done by bringing your chin forward in the direction of the left arm pit. Place your left hand on the back of your head pulling it forward for guidance and extra stretch. Once in this position drop your shoulder blades down and hold for at least one minute to allow the muscle to release. This stretch should be felt through the back of the neck on the right side.Repeat on opposite side.

Another way to lengthen the muscles of the neck is by bringing your left ear to your left shoulder, place your left hand on the right ear and gently pull your head to the left shoulder to deepen the stretch. Hold for one minute and repeat on the opposite side. The final stretch for you neck is to bring your chin towards your sternum stretching the back of your neck. For a deeper stretch pull your head forward with your hands.

Stretching the muscles at the front of the chest is also beneficial for someone suffering upper back pain. Lengthening the muscle fibers in the chest will reduce internal rotation of the shoulder, bringing your shoulder back to their natural position and taking the stress off the upper back muscles. One way to stretch your chest is by using an open door frame, position your elbows at shoulder level with your forearms at 90 degree angles. Place your hand and forearm firmly against the door frame and step forward. Hold for one minute and repeat on the opposite side.

Foam Rollers are designed to release muscle tension and improve the flexibility of specific joints and muscles and are another great way to relieve restrictions. To help ease upper back/neck pain and improve posture lay down with your foam roller horizontally under your upper back, use your legs to lift your hips off the floor and slowly roll up and down on the foam roller. Foam rollers are a great way to self massage and can be used to treat almost any muscle in the body.

Corrective sports taping methods can also be used to help improve postural alignment, reduce stress on the spine and for both the prevention and treatment of the upper back and neck injuries. Correct strapping techniques also have positive neuro-physiologial effects on the body through increased proprioception and increased blood flow to the area.


Self care exercises are a great way to maintain and often prevent restrictions although finding and addressing the cause of the problem is essential to long term results.

At Advanced Myotherapy we can help by assessing your lifestyle to find the cause of the restrictions which may be caused by things such as your sleeping position or posture at work.

Depending on the origin of the restriction, you will be given more specific self care exercises which can be done at home that will target specific muscles to further relieve restrictions and maintain normal muscle range of motion.


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Advanced Myotherapy in 2014

As we enter our 2nd week back we would like to wish you an awesome year as we arrive in February to the Chinese Astrological Solar Year of the Yang Wood Horse. Given that the Horse is the zodiac sign with the greatest “Yang” energy, being the Yang Fire animal, this is a time where balance becomes vital. Energetically this means that any health issues relating to the “fire element” of the body-mind-spirit can be exacerbated.

The fire element relates to the heart, the central nervous system and the spirit. This means that people with sleeping issues will now face even more challenges to balance their “fire element”, along with those facing emotional challenges or suffering with neuro-muscular pain. This year we need to care for our nervous system by maintaining musculoskeletal balance, emotional wellbeing and sound stress management / lifestyle medicine.

It’s the year to have Lavender on standby, as one of the many helpful essential oils that helps calm and sooth nerves, reduce pain and ease emotional stress. Aromatherapy works on the Nervous system and is therefore a fantastic modality for “fire element” imbalances. This year, any imbalances of the fire element within our own energy, body and health, will be more notable, making it important to look after these areas of our health.

As you can imagine, even with little understanding of the “five elements”, the elements that bring balance to the fire element include, water…to put out the fire, meaning to keep the nervous system under control with cooling properties to prevent overheating and stimulation. Water element can be reinforced with plenty of rest, water, hydrating plant foods, salt therapies and swimming of coarse. Also helping to balance excessive fire element is the “earth element”.

Earth element can be supported with plenty of natural earth foods, especially those that are sweet and grounding like pumpkins. Earth element can also be supported with regular physical activity and meditation to calm the mind. So as you can see, this year, there is plenty you can do to maintain inner balance, including regular self maintenance with Myotherapy. Myotherapy in particular helps with neuro-muscular pain that can lead to both spinal and nerve damage if left untreated.

So remember, prevention is far better than any cure. And don’t forget, your habits create your health. So keep well this year and take care.




Happy Mother’s Day


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Autumn Self Care


As we say goodbye to Summer and enter the transitional season of Autumn, we share with you our best tips on seasonal self care for the natural time of energetic consolidation. This season we focus on “strength” as we transition through the time of letting go, shedding our leaves and cultivating inner strength, as the leaves reunite with the earth for replenishment.

Autumn is symbolic of “letting go” akin to the Snake energy of 2013.This can signify a time of shedding layers, refining ourselves and creating order that supports the structure of life…from the physical body to the more external realms of our outer life. Governed by the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn relates to the Lungs, the skin and large intestines, which all require us to let go, release and eliminate all that we do not need.

From the toxins in our body to the waste we process, this season is the time to flush the system, process our energy and go with the flow, being aware of the natural tendency to hold on, mentally, emotionally and physically…to tension, stress, habits and triggers that hold us back from shedding our leaves for renewal and completion. So this season, we steer the focus on promoting the benefits of unwinding, cutting back the stress and supporting the process of relaxation.

Myotherapy promotes the wisdom of balance in the body with both strength and flexibility. With Autumn being the season governed traditionally by the “Metal Element” in Chinese Medicine, we now enter the natural time of strengthening, in the most solidified elemental phase, encouraging us to work on our core strength, from nutritional medicine to physical discipline.


We see a great number of clients seeking our help for muscle imbalance and pain. We can easily divide this percentage into half being caused by a lack of strength and fitness, and half from accumulated stress within the body. So for us, there is an evident need for people to develop the skill of both relaxation and discipline in building body balance.


For the “Yang” people, this season will be about learning to relax, stretch and balance the body with sufficient rest and circulation…while for the “Yin” people, we recommend more strength building priorities. Autumn is the time for resistance training, light repetitious weight bearing and muscle building…while maintaining balance with sufficient caution around not holding onto emotional weight, breathing and surrendering to the will / natural order of life.

A great meditation for this season will be to “Find purpose in the passing”…the letting go and release of the past, the dead leaves and those things which can be eliminated for greater mobility and freedom. In our eyes, Autumn is the season to “move” and find freedom in letting go. It is the season to go with the flow, plan ahead and build strength through structure, better habits and lifestyle choices (nutrition and exercise).


So to keep it simple…this month we send you each a reminder, to stick to the basic rules of healthy living.Focus on your diet and fitness…and hopefully, this means we see less of you, but hear more from you…about how these simple principles have helped you find the better you. Until next time, we look forward to seeing you in better health, younger and more aware of how your habits can determine your health.


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Vital Spinal Health

The integrity and alignment of the spine is dependent upon the balance and wellness of the muscular system. Many people suffer endlessly without the wisdom that muscle health (length and strength) is the key supporting factor in our very vital spinal health and longevity. Without spinal health, nothing else in our body functions as it should.

All nerves that control the senses, health and movement of the body flow from the spine as the foundation of our very CNS / central nervous system. If our muscles are compromised by poor posture, un-reversed habitual imbalances and lifestyle pressure or demands, then the spinal is the first to suffer. When the spine is compromised, all and any function within the body, throughout every organ, can become dysfunctional and begin to degenerate causing premature ageing.

What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is restore the vital muscle balance in both length and strength, through both treatment and self care education as well as personal Myo-Balance training. Why this is so successful in helping people perform at their highest potential, is due to the fact that any nerve degeneration, compression or impingement can then be both reversed and prevented for the best possible range of motion, blood flow and circulation, needed for holistic health and wellbeing.

With over 100 testimonials not including our therapists own, of how Myotherapy has changed their lives, we offer a credibility built on reputation that has helped us facilitate significant transformation in the quality of life for so many not just locally, but Australia wide. So this month, we give thanks to all of our client community with whom we have been able to celebrate the success of having the ability to make a difference in such a rewarding and tangible way.

Through the many modalities incorporated in Myotherapy from remedial massage to myofascial medicine, trigger point therapy, cupping, dry needling, PNF stretching and more, we promote musculoskeletal health from the very roots, rather than offering temporary relief from pain symptom. What sets us apart from the rest, is our focus on the bottom line…the root causes of pain, not it’s surface symptoms.

Where does it really comes from? Many practitioners we have found through our very own clients experience, have little skill in finding the actual cause of pain, imbalance and suffering. This is where we love to help. So please, if you have had a persistence problem or injury, don’t just take the prognosis that it won’t get better! We believe it can! Bring us your challenge. It’s what we thrive on. And even more importantly, it’s how we build our practice and reputation on getting results.

Kick that pain in the butt

Glute and Hip pain is caused by stiff muscles surrounding the weight bearing hip joints. Lower back and pelvic tilt issues can also contribute to hip problems and at Advanced Myotherapy we have a number of effective techniques of tackling the root causes of these imbalances for lasting results.  
We have helped many people avoid taking pills or resorting to surgery for issues like sciatica and hip problems, which has often times been the very first recommendation. With correct treatment and self care advice many of our patients have been able to recover from such problems with ease. 
Hip pain and glut tightness can come from trauma to the area from accidents, slips or other types of injury, causing problematic symptoms like sciatica and nerve root compression. In some cases hip pain is developed due to a lack of strength where as glut tension can be a result of inflexibility or incorrect sitting posture.
The nerve roots compression that develops sciatica and hip pain can lead to serious long term degeneration and premature ageing. What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is find the cause of the such problems by making a thorough assessment, so as to direct the approach of treatment.
Our treatment is advanced with prescribed self care to prevent further issues and pain as well as improve the issues at the core of the problem. 

To increase the speed of recovery from hip and glut pain it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and normal range of motion. Weight resistance training is an important aspect in avoiding injuries related to weakness and poor muscle health. We have a number of self care techniques that our clients swear by, in effectively treating glut and hip pain. If you would like to know how to kick that pain in the butt, give us a call today. 

We at Advanced Myotherapy Carlton would love to hear from you if you have any questions and are looking to manage pain naturally without drugs or costly treatments without any real results.