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Massage CarltonThe 1st and most important aspect of training longevity is to maintain muscles length. Stretching to keep flexibility is so important for training recovery AND preparation. Warming up and cooling down are essential in training and work outs, so remember to give yourself sufficient time to do both each time time you train.

The 2nd key to longevity is the one we are all to happy to help with! You can get way more out of your training and recover faster with regular Massage or Myotherapy sessions.

Our mission is to empower you to maintain mobility and fitness… and body treatments are a wonderful way to maintain balance so that you can keep up your Self Care!

The 3rd and most important Key to Success in training longevity is to SUSTAIN your energy and put in what you take out! When your muscles become depleted, you need to replenish your bodies salts! Including sufficient sea salt (not iodised, there are other ways to get iodine and iodised salts has aluminium as an anti-caking agent which hardens the arteries)…in your diet also assists your body in absorbing nutrients!

And when you train, you need more of them! So please make sure that you are eating plenty of whole plant foods so that your body is able to keep up with your personal fitness and strength goals! It’s all about ENERGY! Who doesn’t want more of it! It’s what life is made of:)

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