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Too many people suffer needlessly too often with preventable neck pain that can easily be treated affectively with the right skills. Its our lifestyle in the world today with computers a central aspect of most businesses, job roles and studies, that causes much of the pain. Manual labour and poor habits tend to govern much of our life which too often winds us up to the point of excruciating tension. 

With Hairdressers, cutting and blow drying hair all day long and administrators, sitting wrong and for far too long, what’s most important for our long term health is posture correction and reversal. What Myotherapists do is exactly that. 

Myotherapy targets muscular imbalances in order to align the body, correct the posture and release the pain. We approach neck pain with a hands on technique of getting to the core of the problem, assisting the neck to restore natural range of motion and stability with stretches, manipulation and prescribed corrective self care plans. 

Key to our successful practice is the strong educational support to help you make the needed changes for lasting results and long term freedom. Our passion is to create independence from the costly pharmaceutical approach to pain management. We believe that this route is an ineffective way of masking the real underlying problems by dulling the nerves and compromising the body’s intelligence.

Using deep and soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and cupping, our treatments combine the best techniques to resolve the root causes of neck pain. If you have had persistent pain and only been able to temporarily achieve relief with other forms of treatment, then Myotherapy is worth trying. 

People turn to us when they are seeking lasting results, beyond short term relief. If you would like to banish that pain in the neck for good, call us today on 9347 5764 to book an appointment.
Advanced Myotherapy is an experienced and qualified team who successfully treat many debilitating injuries, pain and muscle imbalances. Our passion is helping prevent unnecessary and costly surgery and drug dependence for pain management. We pride ourselves on fast & long term recovery and self care education for smarter lifestyles and posture health.

Visit us @ or call 9347 5764 today to take a step in the right direction for your long term health.

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