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Here we demonstrate a method of restoring movement through the back with myofacial cupping. In this treatment of oblique posterior sling, we work to restore the function of rotation through the back for increased twisting range of motion (R.O.M).







See in this image above from Unite Health, how this sling of facia runs contra-laterally (across the body from the opposite shoulder to pelvis).



Our Therapist Jamil (client) is a Soccer player and requires great agility, in order to twist while running at various speeds. This Myofacial Cupping treatment works to free this overworked muscular sling (band) across the back.



Here we have our Myotherapist and Personal Trainer Darren with his extensive exercise knowledge, perform a Cupping treatment, in order to target the muscular region to free restriction impeding on Jamil’s athletic performance.



Watch our Myotherapist demonstrate how Cupping Therapy is used to treat muscle restriction. Here we also have Darren explain what Cupping Therapy is and why we use it in treatment.







What is Cupping Therapy?



Cupping Therapy is a modality of Myotherapy (muscle therapy) which is performed for the purpose of relaxing muscle fibres on the surface of the muscat system (facia).



Cupping Therapy can be used to:



      • Increase blood flow to promote healing



      • Decrease muscular tension and pain



      • Support the flow of the lymphatic system



      • Stretch muscles and release fascia



      • Break down scar tissue



      • Relax tension in a certain muscular region



      • Increase and restore range of motion




    Cupping therapy is a fantastic method of reducing muscle tension, used to increase blood flow, to restore movement throughout the body.



    Using suction cups on the body to create a vacuum effect, cupping draws underlying tissues into the cup to increase circulation and promote natural healing.



    Tightness and pain can be significantly reduced by Myotherapy Cupping releasing the fascia and relaxing muscles.



    Myotherapy Cupping is combined with techniques such as dry needling and remedial massage to assist in natural pain management and injury rehabilitation.





    Myotherapy Cupping for Sports Recovery



    This treatment is a great demonstration of how Myotherapy works with athletes to increase performance, agility and recovery. Cupping the myofacial system, surface muscular tissue, promotes the release of deeper muscle and connective tissue by restoring length to them.



    The circulation through the musculoskeletal system is also what helps to prevent joint pain and injuries, so crucial to an athlete. Cupping is an ancient practice and a modality of Myotherapy because of its many benefits to the muscular system.



    Expect to leave a little red, but a lot more physically mobile from a Cupping treatment with a Myotherapist. We use cupping for all sorts of pain conditions as Physical Therapists.If you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, speak to us today about how we may be able to help.



    Advanced Myotherapy has been offering pain management solutions since the year 2000 and have hundred of testimonials from clients we’ve helped. Our clinic locations across greater Melbourne include Brunswick and Yea.



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