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Our Top Healthy Habits to Help you through July 

The number one cause of back pain is sitting wrong or for too long.
As you sit right now, take a moment to sit straight and feel the strength in your stomach and back. Take note of how well they are supporting your posture. Most muscular problems that don’t come from injury, accidents or trauma, are a result of weakness and stiffness. July in Melbourne is one of the most challenging times to stay fit and maintain muscle health, which makes it even more important to strive that little bit more.
Avoid problems with pain this month with sufficient self care practices and make it your priority to keep a routine and commit to your health by surrounding yourself with health and fitness goal reminders this month.

Our number 1 recommended healthy habit for this month is “resistance training”.
Weight bearing exercises and resistence training is important to prevent joints and cartilage wearing down, which can lead to arthritis. For every hour you sit at a desk, keeping strong can be as simple as doing a set of exercises targeted to a specific area a day. You may like to set yourself a new target area for each day of the week. It can be a simple 10 sit ups, push ups or squats each hour to break sedentary work and maintain muscle strength.

For those who do keep a solid fitness routine, it is even more vital to maintain flexibility with longer stretches that last at least a minute or two each side of the body. Another important aspect of stretching is repeating each stretch at least once on each side. This is a great way to experience the difference between the first and second time, with regard to how much more relaxed and flexible the muscles are after the first stretch.

To see our instructional album “Simple Stretching & Self Care” for the different muscle groups; Click here

We recommend stretching at least 15 minutes every day for long term health benefits to really take shape. A good time to stretch is first thing in the morning to help wake you up as well as allow for deeper release while the muscles are still warm and relaxed from being in bed over night. Also remember to be gentle on yourself while stretching. Flexibility comes from practice, naturally. Commit to regular practice and you will see results. Forcing a stretch may only lead to injury so it’s important to simply allow the muscles to release as opposed to forcing them. It feels far more therapeutic this way as well.

That’s all from us for this month. We hope you enjoy good health through July as you apply these principles and would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

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We hope you enjoy.

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