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Pain in the facia area underneath the foot, often comes from long term posture imbalance through activities that cause misalignment of the centre of gravity / core of the body.
This results in strain on the planta facia which is the biggest risk factor  of insufficient sports recovery when it comes to planta faciitis / heel pain.
Sufficient rest is a crucial part of recovery from heel pain, often originating from lifestyle factors. Lack of sports recovery and poor foot wear are leading causes.
Planta Faciitis/ Heel Pain is often quite a painful and restrictive injury that can also be a result of poor fitting foot wear or long term wear and tear from endurance sporting activities like running, as well as insufficient recovery and rest.
The effective treatment of Planta Faciitis involves not only Myotherapy techniques and modalities, but the vital role of guided, correct self care and home maintenance.
Foot wear can be a major contributing factor leading to Planta Faciitis/ Heel Pain. This is one of the first factors considered in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of this injury.
There are also great stretches that we prescribe that help reduce the tightness in the planta facia which can make a huge difference when done correctly.
Rolling balls underneath the facia is a very effective method in relieving the pain associated with planta faciitis.
Downward dog is also one of the most effective Yoga postures in releasing the facia and relieving heel pain that comes with this injury.
Planta faciitis is a result the connective tissue in the planta facia essentially being worn down or tight, and can be a very painful restrictive injury if not treated properly. 
Often a matter of wear and tear after long term overuse in endurance sporting activities such as running or wearing poor quality shoes such as high heels.
If you suffer heel pain or planta faciitis, call us today to find out how we might be able to help.

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