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The Top causes of lower back pain are:

1. Tight hamstrings
2. Weak abdominals
3. Tight glutes
4. Tight erector spinae
5. Tight hip flexors

The answer? Lengthen & strengthen! Want better posture? Stretching and exercising are the two most vital keys. Being fit beats being “skinny or slim” and by no means are they the same thing. Fit people come in all sizes, but generally as you will see looking at the image here, their shape indicates a better resistance to gravity and more grace of movement.

Sitting wrong or for too long is another leading cause of the pelvic tilt, given that over time, it tightens the hip flexors which places pressure on the lower back. Most of the people we see that come to us with lower back pain have very tight hip flexors, which is a result of desk work.

As you can begin to see, there are two essential elements in maintaining good posture and preventing premature shortening of the spine, along with other signs of ageing. These are “stretching and strengthening”. The longer and stronger the muscles, the better health we have as these promote better health all round in allowing freedom of movement and increased range of motion.

Myotherapy works to do just this, in assisting clients to restore the perfect posture by adjusting the spinal alignment with the support of muscle balance and integrity. Myotherapists are becoming more and more popular in finding solutions to musculoskeletal imbalances and conditions because they treat both together by providing the body’s structure muscular support to hold the bones in correct positioning.

If you have a posture problem and associated pain and wish to avoid depending on costly drugs or time off work, call us today for a consultation on 9347 5764 or email:

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