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Hip pain is so common and we treat so many clients with this problem that we wanted to share some of the great ways you can self treat at home!

First of all, hip replacement later in life is common and to help you prevent it, we are giving you the 3 top tips to self treat at home… without using pain killers!

First of all, the hips are so much more than many people realise! The are supported and surrounded by the glutes, which really are “part of” the hips! So, when treating hip pain, you are also going to need to treat the gluteals.

Trigger point therapy – Using a Ball

One of our best tips for home care for gluteal pain and release is “trigger point therapy”, which is something we do…but something you can also do at home, using a ball!

Self Massage Tip: Use a spikey or tennis ball to get into the glutes and hips at home. This is a great #sciatica prevention and self care recovery tool!

Stay on the tight spots until you feel the muscle releasing! Ahhh… much better! ?

Self Care is the ultimate form of preventative medicine.
– Leah Jade

Hip flexor stretch for the deep core back muscles

The second home remedy you can use for hip pain is a deep core and back muscle stretch! The main hip flexor is called the Iliopsoas muscle and is one of the biggest culprits in causing hip and back pain! Stretching it and releasing the restricted (shortening) muscle, will address the root cause of the pain most often than not.

Check out the stretch below which is a lunge stretch, that is really great for restoring mobility and function to the hip flexor (deep core back muscle).

Piriformis (Gluteal) Release Stretch

Lastly, stretching the gluteals is a great way to help beat hip pain! Along with swimming, wheat (heat) bagging and balancing your lifestyle with regular exercise and relaxation…stretching the glutes is a great hip pain prevention tool!

Try the stretch below to help restore mobility around the hips with this fantastic gluteal stretch!

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