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Back pain is among the leading cause of pain that clients come to Advanced Myotherapy & Remedial Massage for!

The most common cause of back pain and sciatica is ongoing strain and or a lack of either exercise or recovery from lifetyle. Lower back stress is often a result of muscle imbalance, which can most times be remedied with rest, heat, lengthening and strengthening and of course, Myotherapy & Remedial Massage.

The number one essential element of muscle balance is undoubtedly blood flow and circulation. Here we share some of our best tips to help you recovery from Back Pain.

  1. Massage/ Myotherapy are such great ways to encourage this and help restore motion and mobility. We know this because it’s what we see every day at our clinics!
  2. Aromatherapy also works like magic when you use the right essential oils. Lavender oil is a fantastic example of a powerful sedative / relaxant which can be massaged into tight fascia around the lower back.

Without doubt, working on both the mental and emotional states, the healing properties of essential oils like lavender…directly effect the nerves to stimulate and also relax the muscles. Lavender is just one of the many essential oils that provide relief from tension and inflammation.

We recommend using essential oils under the guidance of a qualified practitioner as they are potent and powerful natural medicines that can be dangerous if ingested! If unsure, check out our friends at Harriet Herbery who supplies Certified Organic Essential Oils and Herbs.

Back Pain is a leading cause of hospitalisation in Australia.
– Bureau of Statistics & AIHW

3.  The use of heat therapy for tight muscles or cold packs during inflammation are amazing to help reduce pain! You must understand though which type of pain you are dealing with though as if it is restricted and tight muscles as opposed to inlfammation, you will need heat (a wheat bag) to relax the area, NOT ice!

You can buy our spine length “prize winning” & locally made lavender and wheat bags in clinic or from our website.

4. Gentle stretching and exercise is by far the most powerful muscle pain remedy there is that will last beyond any other, preventing recurring restriction. If you are unsure about how to correctly and safely use weights to build stability and strength, we recommend an exercise therapist.

5. Lastly but not least, ensuring you have sufficient salts and are not depleted of your body’s magnesium is a largely underestimated way to ensure back pain prevention and recovery.

There is so much information available on the benefits of magnesium for countless physiological functions and salt deficiency is a well known cause of muscle pain, cramping and spasms.

Make sure you are getting enough and use Epsom salt soaks if you are lucky enough to have a bath or access to one!

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