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Lower Back stiffness can lead to sciatica and impact greatly on a person’s quality of life.  Often people will be steered in the direction of strong pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which much of the time fail to address the root causes.

Besides taking pharmaceutical drugs, there are treatment options that won’t compromise the liver and gut health – which both have a great deal to do with the immune system function.

Lower back pain and Sciatica’s causes range from weakness in the glutes to tight hip flexors and many others, depending on the individual.

In this video, we share 8 exercises that can help reduce and prevent lower back issues by stretching and activating the right muscles to balance the lower back.

Gluteal activation is important to support the lower back, as is keeping the area free of restriction. Going through your complete range of motion is important to maintain mobility in the lower back, to prevent atrophy, weakness, stiffness, and pain.

Using Dry Needling, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and Cupping, we have a number of modalities that can address lower back problems, depending on the cause. Our main focus in terms of treatment is getting to the bottom of the symptoms, rather than simply treating the resulting aches.

Assessing how the stiffness may have developed, Myotherapists can help an individual in working our a safe way to recover from and prevent the symptoms from recurring.

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