Thoracic Kyphosis, text neck, Dowager’s Hump, the Hunch, all things you might of heard of at some point in time, is something we see in the clinic more and more in the technological age. It’s definitely not going away as we start to use more and more technology in day to day life and it can be very debilitating with headaches, neck, shoulder, TMJ dysfunctions from shortened chest and posterior neck muscles witch then lead to week back and rotator cuff mussels making the situation worse 

Now technology is tool we use more and more in the clinic… it gives up the ability to give better and more comprehensive treatment than ever before with the ability to not just show a client how to do a corrective exercise to empower them to take their health into their own hands but to send them exercises through email that they can see a demonstration of how to perform the exercise… and how often they should do it, from anywhere is the world. Technology is a great and invaluable tool in all industries now.


With the increase in the use of touch screens we are seeing more and more patients with these symptoms who have been seeking answers to why they are in pain and being told that they have a degenerative or neurological condition that the pain they are feeling is migraines, neuralgia, progressive spinal Kyphosis that has lead to Dowager’s Hump, that will require surgery to correct. This is leaving people to feel broken and disempowered, not in control of their own health. This is why we care so much about empowering our clients with the correct information!

In most cases all that really needs to happen is client education, to lengthen the shortened and restricted muscles, to give the client the chance to get back to an optimal posture, so that they can then take over with self care and work to strengthen themselves and live pain free without harsh pain killers.

By Robert Love