How I healed Abdominal Separation

Most mums would be recommended surgery for a 4 finger abdominal separation postpartum! This is why I wanted to share how I healed it completely in 6 months! See I had abdominal separation for over 3 years after the birth of our first baby!

It took me only a few months to heal a 2 finger separation once I began my recovery with Kristy Ahale, Exercise Physiologist from The Postpartum Method after our first baby.

This time, I am 8 months postpartum and have healed my abdominal separation! I cannot tell you how awesome this feels! Especially after having more than 3 whole years of chronic weakness and suffering after my first pregnancy! This is why I cannot contain the enthusiasm I have when it comes to “The Postpartum Method”.

Developed by Kristy Ahale, The Postpartum Method is specifically designed for mums, no matter how long ago you have had your baby, for the recovery of weakened muscles. There are sadly so many exercises you will see recommended in popular articles, news, blogs and on social media for postpartum “recovery” BUT with what I’ve learned from Kristy…I’m SO grateful to know that most times these do way more harm than good!

See as Kristy says, it’s got a lot to do with sequence! The order you do things in really matters when it comes to muscle activation and stability. More than this, you need to build stability and often, certain types of exercise can cause more tissue damage than repair! So, I urge any mum who has yet to completely heal abdominal separation or pelvic weakness, to check out The Postpartum Method!

As a mum of 2, I am SO grateful not to have had to undergo surgery! After 2 natural home births, surgery would have been an awful experience! I am so glad I know better…that I know how powerful exercise can be in BOTH prevention and recovery! I took Kristy’s classes before my second pregnancy, during and since!

I have NEVEr felt better! I will say…it’s NOT a quick “overnight” fix! It’s LASTING! Building strong foundations doesn’t happen overnight! It takes persistence and understanding! This is where the wisdom of clinic exercise therapy can help BIG time! SO…I recommend all mums ho have not yet felt they have regained inner strength, from deep within the core, since giving birth, to PLEASE check out Kristy!

Do yourself the biggest favour and give your babies or children the best version of you! It’s such a small investment of time for such an enormous result! You cannot put a value on feeling great! I know there is a big difference between playing with children “jumping” all over you with abdominal separation versus without it! I went from being vulnerable to painful blows to having a core protect me once more! And I LOVE it!