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First Aid for aching muscles is as simple as returning to the basic principles of self care, which are the key pillars of tension prevention and stress management.

The most common causes of muscle ache is a lack of either exercise or recovery. Tension is a result of muscle imbalance, which can be remedied with rest, heat, lengthening and strengthening. The essential keys to muscle balance and well being, are centred around blood flow and circulation. Massage / Myotherapy are also helpful ways to encourage this and restore ease of motion and mobility.

The second most common cause contributing to aches and pains has it’s origins in mental stress and fatigue. One of the best ways to remedy and relax aching muscles is with the best of what mother nature has to offer in pure essential oils, being the real Farmacy of earth.

Aromatherapy is the remedial medicine / modality of Essential oils used by many health practitioners, which works in many ways through the central nervous system, to balance the body naturally, without having to depend on synthetic pharmaceutical toxic drugs.. Working on both the mental and emotional states, the healing properties of essential oils (pure botanical extracts)…directly effect the nerves, stimulating and relaxing both the mind and muscles. Lavender is just one of the many essential oils that provides relief from tension, stress and inflammation.

Another leading roots causes of muscular aches, comes from a magnesium deficiency which is most often related to a lack of natural (sea/rock) salts in the diet. Other rich sources of magnesium include brown rice, whole grains, nuts, and green vegetables. Epsom salts are a fantastic way of assisting the muscles to relax in a hot bath/ soak at the end of the day and for those without the luxury of a bath at home, either a hot shower or visit to the local leisure centre, spa or sauna will definitely do the trick.

The most effective recovery element for aching muscles, is heat, so if you are busy at work or feel muscles tightening during the day, make sure you have a wheat bag / heat pack handy to apply to tight areas. This is fantastic for the neck and shoulder area or even lower back when sitting at a desk all day long, as many do (to the detriment of their posture). The long term danger of this type of work will be a slow, gradual and almost unnoticed decline in correct posture, that causes you to suffer in all aspects of health.

The important and most vital factor for any type of work in the long term is to be aware of the influence of day to day, repetitive activity on the posture and body’s muscular balance. Continuous slouching with computer use or any other type of repetitive physical or non-physical work holds the serious risk of poor health and spinal deterioration.

Last but not least by far, when it comes to the top tension prevention principles is the need for flexibility which sustains musculo-skeletal / structural integrity, strength and vitality. These core foundations are essential for health, energy and productivity in life for anyone and everyone. Essential to maintaining these are regular Stretching & Yoga to help the release tight muscles and to restore overall body balance and physical intelligence.

One of the fastest ways to relieve aching muscles is to spend time each day stretching, long enough to release each area of the body. This provides the release needed and enhances blood flow throughout the muscles, key to health and longevity in every sense. It is especially vital in Winter, as the cold tends to lock up the body in defence of the cold, to protect itself out of natural instinct.

Remember, your body is the only one you have…and just like a car, needs regular tuning in order to last the longest it possibly can. We cannot stress enough, the importance of correct self care as the number one preventative factor in all health problems. Our philosophy is “Prevention” is the best medicine – and is far superior to any remedy one will find in maintaining good health. So take care this winter and stay warm. There are more ways to do this than just staying indoors. Your body needs movement to stay alive!

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