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The integrity and alignment of the spine is dependent upon the balance and wellness of the muscular system. Many people suffer endlessly without the wisdom that muscle health (length and strength) is the key supporting factor in our very vital spinal health and longevity. Without spinal health, nothing else in our body functions as it should.

All nerves that control the senses, health and movement of the body flow from the spine as the foundation of our very CNS / central nervous system. If our muscles are compromised by poor posture, un-reversed habitual imbalances and lifestyle pressure or demands, then the spinal is the first to suffer. When the spine is compromised, all and any function within the body, throughout every organ, can become dysfunctional and begin to degenerate causing premature ageing.

What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is restore the vital muscle balance in both length and strength, through both treatment and self care education as well as personal Myo-Balance training. Why this is so successful in helping people perform at their highest potential, is due to the fact that any nerve degeneration, compression or impingement can then be both reversed and prevented for the best possible range of motion, blood flow and circulation, needed for holistic health and wellbeing.

With over 100 testimonials not including our therapists own, of how Myotherapy has changed their lives, we offer a credibility built on reputation that has helped us facilitate significant transformation in the quality of life for so many not just locally, but Australia wide. So this month, we give thanks to all of our client community with whom we have been able to celebrate the success of having the ability to make a difference in such a rewarding and tangible way.

Through the many modalities incorporated in Myotherapy from remedial massage to myofascial medicine, trigger point therapy, cupping, dry needling, PNF stretching and more, we promote musculoskeletal health from the very roots, rather than offering temporary relief from pain symptom. What sets us apart from the rest, is our focus on the bottom line…the root causes of pain, not it’s surface symptoms.

Where does it really comes from? Many practitioners we have found through our very own clients experience, have little skill in finding the actual cause of pain, imbalance and suffering. This is where we love to help. So please, if you have had a persistence problem or injury, don’t just take the prognosis that it won’t get better! We believe it can! Bring us your challenge. It’s what we thrive on. And even more importantly, it’s how we build our practice and reputation on getting results.

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