10 Self Care Tips for Immunity in Winter

1. If you haven’t already guessed, our number one tip is “take care of yourself” overall. One wonderful way of doing that is with the power of Massage & Myotherapy. We can certainly help with that! They are both highly effective ways of working with the lympathic system which is a large part of the immune system. The lympathic system is what we need to help us “drain” and eliminate toxins naturally. That’s just one of the many benefits of Massage and Myotherapy! To learn more, simple check out some of our other many blogs and articles.

2. This leads me to look at the next best way to ensure you stay strong in Winter. Exercise. By keeping active on a regular basis (5 times a week ideally), you will literally “move” the toxins accumulated in your body. The pumping action of the calf muscles in walking, jogging or working out, is known as one of the most powerful ways the body naturally pumps the lymphatic fluid  and waste products back up the body for removal. Besides this, exercise and resistance training is a fast and effective way you can quickly warm up, build strength and fitness.

3. Eat local, seasonal foods & grow your own. It’s easier than many think. Plant seeds and with a little bit of love and water, they grow. Just like relationships. You can learn so much from a garden and getting out there is so calming and grounding. If you ever feel like getting out of your head, this would be one of nature’s best bets. Just think of how much cost you’ll be cutting when you take of miles and certification costs from your food! It really can be free!

4. Use essential oils with caution. We use a select few safe oils in the clinic. Our most popular is Lavender, followed by the Balancing Botanical Blend and Eucalyptus, which is especially great for the respiratory system. Avoid using it around children under 7 years old though. It is far too overwhelming for their underdeveloped respiratory systems. However, if you do have children, we recommend a drop or two of peppermint in coconut oil rubbed on the chest and feet for colds. Avoid peppermint if breastfeeding as it’s known to reduce milk supply. Also, avoid ALL essential oils around a new born!

Lavender however is totally safe to burn near by to promote sleep for babies (of all ages) and tired mothers. I (we) also have a new addition to our range! The latest is literally called “Immunity”. This is a blend of some of the most well known immune supporting oils, and it’s made with Certified Organic oils, much cheaper than many of the common branded oil blends. 

5. Drink herbal teas & apple cider vinegar in the morning to stimulate the digestive system. The digestive system is at it’s strongest function in the morning so it’s best to support it with hot cleansing fluids first thing. This will help eliminate waste and get things moving. Warming teas are great, generally speaking. Add a few cloves for their superior anti-inflammatory properties to your morning hot lemon drink. A few popular blends include apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon. Just add what you please and drink it first thing to help support the bodies immune system each morning. 

6. Keep your house clean, especially the floors and air. Dust is a respiratory enemy! If you want to avoid getting a cold, the best place to start is at home! Keep floors clean and shoes definitely off inside! Air the house out often for circulation and be sure to get out for air yourself regularly! This will save you much needed time fighting off colds and what’s better than a cure? Prevention!

7. Spend time in nature when possible (forest bathe)…Nature has it’s own medicine! The oils emitted from trees and plants are healing in themselves, and designed to protect the plants themselves. So, the more time you spend in nature, the better off you will be health wise. Winter may be cold, but choose the warmest part of the day to get out and simple rug right up! Be sure to cover your chest and neck above all else.

8. Keep a stress kit with Self Care tools. We have our own Health Essentials range which is our top recommended products for clients. This includes our very own design of spine length lavender and wheat heat bag, spikey balls (for self massage), trigger point rollers (far superior to regular foam rollers) and our books Self Care Medicine, Moving Beyond Pain, Heal Yourself and The Sacred Psychology of Healing – Secrets to Awakening the Mind-Body Potential. If you need more inspiration for Self Care, these tools will help you there!

9. Drink flouride free. Flouride is toxic to the brain. It calcifies the pineal gland. Avoid accumulation and invest in a flouride filter! It’s worth keeping a clear head and when you understand that flouride blocks the pineal gland, you become more understanding of the value in a good filter. If you don’t have one yet or are on the hunt for one, buy Pureau from your local store. They come in large bladder taps until you can get your hands on your own filter.

10. Keep it simple – discard clutter & get organised. Having clutter in the home is a haven for dust and dirt. Assess your space for unused belongings and pass them on to charity! There are many needy people out there who could do with unwanted items. Don’t let things collect dust! It’s bad for your health. The respiratory system can be vulnerable in Winter ans keeping a clean home is the best place to start when it comes to Winter health! Our environment has a huge impact on our immune system!

That being said, we designed our clinic on Feng Shui principles, and believe it has as much to do with our success as our reputation. As much as we help people with our education and treatment, the space does half of that work, amplifying our results! It truly is a beautiful healing environment. So, until you come in for your next Self Care Massage or Myotherapy, we hope our Top 10 Tips will get you through well and healthy! Until then, we leave you here with: 

Some fantastic feedback from the last month:

“I get painfully good remedial deep tissue massages from this clinic. Highly recommended!!”

– Kay

“I can confirm these are the best wheat bags I’ve ever used. I have two & I used them interchangeably during my very long labour. The midwives even commented on what a fantastic design they were.”

Stephanie Clarke

Leah’s Botanical Balance blend is amazingggggggg!! If you love the scent of day spas – you must try it!!!!

Jenelle Blevins