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We value ALL feedback! Recently we’ve had a few people bring certain things to our attention that we cannot say thank you enough for.

1. One client said it may be best to mention to clients that soreness can be expected post session. This lead us to update our “After Care” page that is sent out to clients after their booking to highlight this section..

Though this information was already there, it was hidden amongst a big block of text, so we have since spaced out and highlighted it.

These are little things that our clients help us to realise can actually be quite big!

2. Another client recently emailed asking how their Package would be claimed in terms of invoices and Private Health Rebates.

We have also included this information on our FAQ page updates for future reference, to allay any uncertainty.

3. It was also raised with us that an invoice had not been sent, so we have also now included a little reminder message in not only our booking confirmations, but our FAQ page too, about requesting this at the completion of your booking (in case we forget to ask).

4. A client also said that there is not option to leave a voicemail when our line is busy. We have now included a message about waiting for the tone to leave a message for urgent matters in our automatic email responder and on the FAQ page.

5. Just recently we had a client book in wanting to “relax”. Which is AWESOME! Her therapist however had a very science based approach to their physical therapy work, and was not quite what she expected.

Not only did we give this client another treatment with a different therapist complimentary…but We have since added “Relaxation Massage” as a seperate service which can only be booked with Therapists who are exceptional at providing this kind of Massage.

We hope these little things help and go a long way in improving your experience with us! If you have any other suggestions, please don’t be shy! We welcome them ALL!

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