Shoulder Pain

From frozen shoulder to sprain and inflammation, shoulder pain is a result of a wide range of factors. Most clients we see for the first time with shoulder complaints have had this pain for any length of time, and have spent many wasted dollars trying different forms of therapy and treatment. 

Sometimes they will have suffered months, even years with this condition without successful recovery because many practitioners simply address the symptoms and rarely the underlying cause. Because of this the person only gains short term relief  from the treatment and rarely any long term results and benefits. 

Our priority lies in addressing the underlying reason / roots of shoulder pain to determine whether is comes from postural imbalances, muscular imbalances or injury, so that we can treat not just the pain, but also the cause for immediate and long term improvement and pain relief.  

Chronic and ongoing shoulder pain originates from muscular imbalances which irritate the function of the shoulder joint. This can come from stiffness in the pectorals at the front of the chest or between the shoulder blades (rhomboids). Releasing these tight muscles with deep tissue myofascial therapy alongside strengthening self care exercises, is affective in correcting such complaints.

In chronic cases where someone has tried all other forms of treatment with no success, we find that the cause is often related to other areas of tension and imbalance. In such cases we treat the body holistically to restore balance overall and alleviate pain rather than isolating the symptoms. 

Assessing the muscles in the hips and back will also be essential in working with such problems, to address and issues where lengthening and strengthening is needed, which eradicates postural imbalances. Once bi-lateral treatment restores postural balance, clients will become free from the cause of such pain and will no longer suffer with this condition.