Awesome news!

We have been getting some incredible feedback from clients and whenever there is a suggestion, we take it on board and just can’t thank our clients enough for their generous honesty!

We’ve made some changes lately in response to some valuable feedback which we know will mean a great deal to some clients.

One of which is our Cancellation Policy which is now 24 hours as opposed to 48. Though we always took circumstances into consideration regardless of how late a cancellation took place, we noticed some clients had reasonable and unexpected priorities occasionally come up only a day early.

So, naturally, we listened. The only thing we ask is that you provide as much courtesy notice as possible so that we may help others in need.

One such client just shared some wonderful feedback with us, which we really wanted to share with you.

Full testimonial…

“I came to Advanced Myotherapy for Acute severe low left back muscle spasms. I tripped and fractured my left knee cap, which resulted in 6 weeks of left leg immobility in a rather heavy brace.

When the brace came off, the result was muscle spasms in the back which were acute, severe, and ‘breath taking’ in their intensity. They immobilised me in a different way, at one point I couldn’t move at all to get out of bed (had to have a nurse visit to get me my pain medication).

I would definitely recommend Advanced Myotherapy.

I was having acute left side back spasms which were ‘breath taking’ in their intensity. My physio (undertaking my fractured kneecap rehab) advised massage which I tried, and I also tried chiropractic – neither helped with this issue, but one session of myotherapy at Advanced Myotherapy and it was over!

I just LOVE it when one session with a health therapist resolves an issue! So thank you, Josie, and Advanced Myotherapy.

This is the second incident for me where an Advanced Myotherapy practitioner has resolved an acute issue in the first session, so I will remember this and they will be my go-to therapists from now on.”

Judy Worcester

Can’t make it to the clinic just yet and in pain?

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