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Aside from the well researched and documented mental and emotional connection posture has…

The physical impacts of posture are deeply rooted to our functional movement, anatomy and physiology!

Not only can rounding shoulders lead to shortened pectorals and increased neck load (pressure), but resulting potential pain (headaches and migraines) can cost us a lot of literal productivity and functionality!

Habitual internal rotation of the hips can also lead to an increase of pain in the joints when load bearing throughout the day… which can be debilitating.

The list goes on, with (anterior) pelvic tilt often contributing to weakened pelvic muscular function and varying degrees of incontinence.

With that… we encourage you to consider your posture as an essential aspect of your core and holistic health!

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage work with the muscular system to help you better understand what actions and habits contribute to pain symptoms.

Aside from this… we treat any imbalances with an understanding of the musculoskeletal system that allows for enhanced ease of movement!

We LOVE when clients attend our clinics in pain and walk away without it!!! This is exactly what one of our recent clients Laura Scremin said happened. (you’ll be able to see her google review for yourself).

Want to know WHY we care so much?

See… Pain is a warning ⚠️ light ? highlighting our need for “correction”.

Pain is our signal for imbalance! It’s those “bumps” on the side of the freeway, telling us to CHANGE direction and pay attention!

This is where WE come in as Myotherapists & Remedial Massage Therapists! Having studied the body at length & worked with it daily for years on end… we offer insight into what’s causing pain.

We can tell you the exact habits (actions) that are contributing to and those that will alleviate your pain! That’s why we love seeing clients walk away #painfree

Because it’s only the beginning!! This is a fresh start… where you can change your habits for “long term” results and actual recovery!

If better mind body health is something you’re seeking… Book in with one of our highly qualified team members today!

“They’re the best in the business. I’ve been coming here for years and they know what they doing.”– Chris Aliferis

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